Repronex #2 (04/25/2006)
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KristRye - April 26

Hi ladies. :) I went ahead and started a new thread. I am sure you guys will find it. both Melissa and Mega. :) I am so impressed w/ all of your travels. I wish that I traveled more but I got married very young and money and school loans were a big issue in our first few years of marriage. Now we are focusing on TTC and so I guess that traveling will have to wait until my DD's and DS's are old enough. I go for my first US tomorrow. I am kinda of nervous and yet excited. I know that something is going on down is hard to use the restroom and I have to go all of the time....and today I wore high heels and I swear that I felt my ovaries bounce w/ every step. Maybe it is in my head but that is what it feels like. I did my first injection by myself tonight and it wasn't too bad. My entire thigh is swollen and so I have been having to wear skirts. I swear my jeans are tigher on one side than the other. It's just all lumpy like cellulite or something??? (OH NOOOOO!!!!!) j/'s just more additions to my other cellulite. LOL Hmmm....the beach. I love to go to the beach. That is one of mine and my DH's favorite places. I like to do a bon fire and to just look at the DH is very pale skinned and so he doesn't like to sit out during the day at all. Either we are swimming or we are walking around....never just laying out. Which is probably better for me too.....but I do like to have some color. Well.....I think that you both sound like you have great symptoms and it sounds like you could be headed towards your BFP!!! Sore bb's and cramps are big signs especially since you are both pretty much past plantation phase. Tammi....what happened at the us? Did you go for another? Well, keep me posted as you guys continue on your 2WW. Next week I will start mine!! :)


cmelissa - April 26

KristRye thanks for starting the new thread!! My ovaries were very sensitive from the injections too, I felt the eggs growing it felt like, haha!! I have pretty pale skin too, but I still love trying to get a tan. I have strawberry blonde hair so whenever you have red in your hair you usually have fair skin :). I tried the mystic tan once too which looks pretty good!! Let us know how your u/s goes tomorrow. Gosh the progesterone suppositiories are horrible, I have to do it every 8 hours so 3 times a day, not fun. Not to mention it causes leakage - I know gross me out, haha!! Whatever it takes right! Well hope your leg feels better, put ice on it after it helps with the swelling. Look forward to everyone's updates tomorrow!!
Have a good night!


MandyKay - April 26

Hi all! It's so reassuring to read your posts...I am on day 25 of my cycle and on the 2WW after IUI. CMelissa...I think we're cycle buddies! I hate waiting.... The only symptom I am having is very sore nipples and incredible husband swears I am posessed! I have been sleeping more also...scared to get my hopes up for fear they'll be let just waiting. Let me ask you was your progesterone level at day 21 check? Mine was 40! This is my first round of injectables with IUI and usually before on Clomid AND prometrium, it never got above 9-10! Is that a good sign??? So, CMelissa....have you cheated by testing yet? I know they say not to ...but I bought the cheapo preg test strips from and am confused on what they are reading and where the lines should be located???'s so great to relate to people about this. No one understands, you know???am


Mega - April 26

Good morning! KristRye--good luck today with your u/s! Can't wait to hear how many big ole follies you have. Tamtam--what's the result? How'd your u/s go? cmelissa--I'm fair skinned too. I don't tan, I just burn. I'll have to try the Mystic Tan sometime. I've wanted to try it, I'm glad to hear that it looks pretty natural. MandyKay--Your progesterone level is really good! That's great. 40! My prog. after the Repronex is a lot higher now than after Clomid too, but not as high as yours. Mine was a 19 this time, usually mine ranged from 9 to 13. So I've got my fingers' crossed that it's a good sign.


cmelissa - April 26

Hi Everyone, welcome MandyKay!! Mega and me are on the 2ww so we can all be anxious together!! Not sure why I don't get the progesterone level test? I just go in May 1 for the beta blood work? Anyways nips still sore today, they usually are though when I take the trigger shot, still little cramping down there too. I never know if I'm going to be pregnant b/c I don't like to get too excited and then be dissapointed. This is the 1st round of repronex so hopefully it will work! Mega - any new symptoms?? KristRye and Tam how big are the follies?? Good luck ladies!! Oh Mandy I try and not cheat b/c I always seem to have the big fat 1 line only :(


Mega - April 26

Cmelissa--Your signs do sound promising but I can absolutely relate to not wanting to be disappointed. I always seem to be sure I'm PG & then 10 X's more upset when I get AF. But I think we all have increased chances on this drug than with Clomid or whatever. Reason to be confident. Yes, my nips are rather sore too but really no other symptoms. A lot of drs don't seem to believe in progesterone tests, I guess. But while you get a Beta automatically, I'll only get one from my dr if I'm a few days late with AF. Then I'm supposed to call & he'll set one up then. Hopefully that'll happen with this cycle. :) Have a good night ladies. Tammi/KristRye, I'm eager to hear your results from the latest u/s's. Big follies!!!


KristRye - April 27

First US today. I have at least 12 follicles on the right and another 11 on the left. OMGoodness!!! The doctor that I saw today said that she has never seen this many for just Repronex. She said that either I need to switch over to an IVF or I need to consider signing the selective reduction paperwork. She said that she has to talk to the clinic director about my case because even if I do sign the papers for selective reduction that the clinic director may choose not to proceed w/ the cycle. They told me not to take the injection today. Most of the follices are atleast 5mm and some are up to 8mm. She said that most of the ones that she counted were at 5mm. They had taken so many pictures of the monitor that the sheet was dragging on the floor. (I FEEL SO DEPRESSED) When I went to this RE I knew that I didn't have ovulation problems and then after I did my bloodwork I thought they did the RX to match what I needed. But, they said that everyone is so different and that NORMALLY they will see about 4-6 eggs on each side and about 1/2 of those will be mature at the time of the HCG shot. I was told that my follices will grow 2mm a day and at this rate I wil have about 20 mature follicles. Today is CD #6 and so if I have to wait until next Wed for the IUI that would add an extra 14mm to each follicle if they do what they need to do. I just need to really pray about this and evaluate what I should do. I mean what if they doctor doesn't even let me move forward unless I do the IVF. We just weren't ready to fork out that money quite yet. :( But, then what if I just have intercourse and all these eggs is what I needed to increase my odds of for my BFP. I knew that something wasn't right because I literally felt my ovaries shaking yesterday and today when I walked and I could totally feel that weight of my ovaries. My DH was just laughing...(this is what he does when he gets nervous).....then he told me....this is two years of your fertility that we are sitting on. If you only make one egg a month then I have two years worth of potential BFP's hanging on my ovaries. Anyway, I go back to the doctor tomorrow for a consult w/ the clinic director and then I have another US on Friday. But, no meds until at least Friday. Did any of you have to sign an agreement for selective reduction?? I feel like this clinic that I am in is really pressuring me about this. I feel like it should be a decision I can make if and when I do get pregnant. But, they make you sign w/ witnesses prior to even having the procedure. Maybe something to do w/ their practice ethics??? Who knows? Most of me is happy that I had such great success w/ the Repronex.....I am going to just BD as much as possible and if I have a litter of babies (as the doctor put it) I will have to deal w/ it then. Anyway, I have pretty dark skin and so I love to go out into the sun. I don't ever really get darker just a little brighter. But, I did the mystic tan before too. It is pretty nice because it gives you a glow....but it wore off of me faster in some spots then others. It's probably better that my DH doesn't let me suntan though. Well, I have to go my DH is almost gonna be home and we need to talk about our plan of action. My biggest fear is not doing anything and then losing out on this one opportunity to have a baby. But, then again after waiting for four long years.....I can't imagine having to do the selective reduction. But, I guess if I have to do it that would mean that I did get my BFP and other babies are on their way. :) Anyway.....I am going to BD every other night just in case one of those follices decides to drop off. (Will they release automatically even if my doctor doesn't let me do the HCG injection??) Take care and talk to you soon.


cmelissa - April 27

Hey Everyone,
Mega so when do you find out if you are pregnant?? KristRye - I had about 20 follies too, however they aren't supposed to count any under 10mm is what they told me. They are supposed to grow 2mm each day but not all of them do. I ended up having about 3-4 leader ones, so not to worry. My dr. never told me to sign anything, he did mention to think about reduction if I was to get pregnant with 5 or 6. I would let it take its course. I don't think you need to sign something though before hand that seems odd? Well keep us posted!!! PRAYING FOR ALL OF US!!


Mega - April 27

Wow, KristRye, that's quite a response! 20!!! That would be quite the shock. I'm sure the pressuring you to sign the selective reduction form is a liability type of thing for the clinic, they're all into Cover your butt these days. So what did you & your DH decide to do last night? Does your ins. cover part/any of IVF? Or would you at least get reimbursed for it? Well hopefully stopping the meds for several days will stave off the growth a bit. Maybe a couple of those follies will end up dominant & stunt the growth of the rest. Unfortunately, it's a anything goes situation. Good luck. Keep us posted. I'm thinking of ya & hoping this works out in the end so you don't have to cancel your cycle & hopefully you won't have to make the heartbreaking decision of selective reduction. Hi cmelissa. I expect AF to show/not show sometime around Sunday or Monday. So if she holds off by say Tues. or Wed., I'll call the
dr & try to get a Beta for Friday so I can go on vacation knowing if I'm pg or not. I'm going to try to hold off doing a HPT til I'm officially late. I don't know, it could either way. I don't have a ton of signs which might be good since I usually do. When will you find out if you're pg? You're at the 1/2 way point aren't you? Oh goody, hopefully I'll come back from vacation & read good news that you got your BFP. :)


cmelissa - April 27

Hey Mega - I actually find out on Monday!! My cycle seems so short this month since my eggs were ready so early and then I'm going in 12 days after I ovulated so I should know soon!! Boobs are still sore and mild cramping still, but thats it?? Who knows! Gosh I hope I am!!
Any news KristRye, Tam and Mandy?


cmelissa - April 27

I'm worried now b/c I just read symptoms of progesterone and it can cause sore bbs, cramping, bloating, etc,,so maybe its not pregnant symptoms :((


Mega - April 27

Cmelissa--or maybe it's still signs of PG & just masked by the progesterone. I'm glad you'll find out on Monday. That's great. You'll know soon. Fingers' crossed for ya.


KristRye - April 28

Well, I went back to talk to the doctor today and I had to cancel my cycle. I think the medicine is making me crazy!! I have been so upset all day. My DH won't sign the selective reduction paperwork and now I feel like our only chance is lost. He just started a new job in March and so he doesn't want to clear out the savings we have especially since clearing it out may result in a the IVF is out. Then he said he just can't do the selective reduction thing!!! But, over 20....small little remote possiblities....just letting them slip by. IT MAKES ME SICK TO THINK ABOUT. I mean the clinic director even told him that one time he seen someone w/ 16 follices my size and that they only wound up w/ one baby. But, DH says NO!!! I just feel so resentful towards him. But, I think its just because everytime we tried something new like medication or monitoring etc. I always felt this "this month is the month" and I feel like this about this month now too. Especially w/ over 20 follices. I mean in the end the doctor said that some will be shut out because of the others growth and we may only end up with 5-8 good ones that will release at the timing of the IUI. But, DH just doens't believe in taking that CHANCE. I just feel like maybe I should find a different clinic that doesn't make us sign the paperwork prior to the procedure. It's just too much stress going into something like this. But, then again I feel nervous about that because this clinic is very reputable and one of the most highly recommended in CA. I don't know. The clinic director said that my estrogen levels were still kinda low and so hyperstimulation isn't a concern and that maybe I will still let off some good eggs that we can try w/ by BD'ing naturally. But, seems like my DH is too scared about the multiple thing to even do that. We both agree that 2-3 is fine but anything more is out of the question but I think hearing that it could 1 in one billion of a chance be more than that freaks him out. are your BFP signs going?? I just really hope that it's one of our months this month!! :) That will make me feel a lot better....and fill me w/ that hope again. :) HOPE is keeps us moving forward even when there are set backs. :) Well, keep me posted and I wish you all BFP!!! Take care. (Sorry if this is long and doesn't make sense but I am not in the mood to re-read.) :)


Mega - April 28

Oh KristRye, I'm so sorry that you had to cancel this cycle. It's too bad your DH won't even consider BD even for such a remote possibility of quads or more. And that's a tough call about the clinic too, though I agree with you it would be better if you didn't have to sign that selective reduction paperwork prior to the IUI. Have you thought about next cycle? Maybe you'd respond better (IE less follies) to less Repronex, like 1 vial a day rather than the what, 3 you were taking? That's good news though that you're not in danger of overstimming, thank goodness for that. Hang in there! At least it's Friday, that's good at least. Happy Friday. Any big weekend plans? What about with you cmelissa? Any fun plans? Just gearing up for your Beta Monday?


cmelissa - April 28

So sorry KristRye - Get your DH drunk and then do it, haha!! The chances are so slim so try talking him into it! Like I said before I was in a similiar position with tons of follies too, I just hope this month works - worried though since my DH sperm count was low this time when its usually high, think we were doing it too much beforehand, haha!! Well still have the sore bbs and still light cramping. My hubby is going to Charlotte this weekend, maybe I will take a HPT, I doubt it but if I get bored, haha!! I think i sike my self out thinking I have the sypmtoms, hopefully I do! Mega how about you? Well happy Friday ladies!! Have a fabulous weekend!


Mega - April 28

Hi cmelissa. Good luck if you decide to get a sneak peak by taking a HPT. A BFP will be a nice surprise for your DH when he gets back from Charlotte. I used to live there by the way. I want to move back there actually. DH & I are watching the job postings for his company & if something he's qualified for opens up there we'll definitely put in for it. I think it'll be a great city to raise a family in, much better geared for that than for the single gal I was when I lived there. Is he going to Charlotte for work? Or does he have family there? I hear ya on sike yourself out thing. The things we do to ourselves in this 2 WW. LOL! Thanks. You have a fabulous weekend too.


tamtam3 - April 28

HI Ladies-
Sorry I have been MIA lately. I have had such a busy week. I work two part time jobs and I just feel like I am about to go nuts. I went to the dr on Wednesday. I only have one follicle. The other two were only 9 mm. Not big enough to mount to anything. So kinda disappointed. When I was there- I have not been feeling the best- I think it is the drugs. Has anyone else responded with only one follicle. I think I read that but I can't remember who posted that. I thought forsure two. Kinda bummed. With my dd I had three follicles and only got one baby. Oh well. I did a urine test at the doc office because I thought I was getting a bladder infection and sure enough came back bladder and yeast infection. Yuck. Well - we bedded a couple of nights but then all this other stuff going on is not helping the situation. But if not this cycle- try again another cycle.

Mega and Melissa- I am hoping and praying this is your month ladies. I know you just never know what to think. I for sure thought I was not pregnant when I was with my dd. I took like 10 hpt's and still was in shock. Dh thought I should buy stock in hpt's as much as I tested. Keeping my finger's crossed for all of us!

Kristi- Girl - you did respond well to the repronex. What dose were you on? Was this your first cycle. I don't know if I could do the selective reduction. That would be so hard. Have you thought about riding out the cycle- seeing how many mature, check my ultrasound and then just think about bedding without IUi? I am not sure what the clinic will think but you never know - like Mega said only a couple might actually mature. I kept up with my doses and only that one cont. to grow. Eah body is so different. hang in there!
Hi Mandy- how is your cycle going?

Yall take care. ! Hugs



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