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Mega - April 23

Hi ladies! It rained a bit here too last week, but fortunately it was very nice & sunny this weekend. Rare actually! :) We firmed up our vacation plans for May 7th thru the 13th, I'm so ready to be a beach bum for a week. We're renting a house in the Outer Banks, should be fun. The only thing is if I'm not pg this cycle I'm probably going to have to take a break that cycle b/c of vacation. So here's hoping for that BFP, for all of us. Cmelissa--you're right, a BFP is a + pregnancy test, means Big Fat Positive. All these abbrevations get tricky at first I know. :) How many little follies did you have that didn't make it to O? Maybe that's why you've still got the bloating? I doubt though that's it's a big deal. I'm sure it'll go away soon for you. Hopefully you'll be decorating that nursery real soon. Hi KristRye--sorry about the MIL drama this weekend. Yes, she definitely sounds like a bit of a drama queen. Dr Ryan--LOL! Sounds like your DH made it fun, or as fun as a shot can be that is. :) Glad that except for the blister, the first shot wasn't too bad for you. I'm sure it'll go away soon. Are you having your DH alternate butt cheeks each night? That helps. Well I hope you all are having a great day. --Mega


tamtam3 - April 23

hello Ladies-

Can I join- you all have such a great personality. I am glad I found you.
I just started Repronex injections, I am on cd 7. Can I ask what dose is everyone taking and your protocal? I go in for an ultrasound tomorrow to see what is going on. Can you tell me what days you had ultrasound and how many and how big were they? Thanks ladies. You all seem super sweet.

Oh- I can't do clomid- thins my lining out way too much.



KristRye - April 24

Welcome's great to have visitors. :) I am doing 3 amps of Repronex for CD 2 and CD3 then doing 2 amps of Repronex for CD 4-9. I go for u/s on CD 7 and CD 9 and then on CD 9 Dr. will tell me if I will keep going on the Repronex or if I will get my HCG. This is our first cycle of Repronex for all of us. It looks like Mega and Melissa had great success w/ it. They each got a few great follicles and we are just awaiting the news of their BFP's!! As for me.....I am just still kinda clueless on what is going to happen. I went to the doctor and they said that women can get like 16-20 follicles and that when they do the HCG that all of them will release in the O. But, Mega and Melissa said that it's the mature ones that really count. So I guess that you can make up to 20 but maybe only 3-4 of them REALLY count?? They will have to confirm if that is correct.....since I am so new w/ this I still feel kinda in the dark. I am learning as I go. My RE doesn't seem to happy w/ me jumping ahead. She just keeps tellling me that everyone reacts differently to the meds and that it depends on what their specific problem is. I "think" my problem is just endo. The doctors can't seem to find anything else because everything we have tested for has come up normal. So Mega and Melissa.....are you guys going to find out what the gender of your babies are going to be? I love to think about stuff like keeps me in the positive frame of mind. Like talking like my BFP is really going to come someday. :) (Which I really do believe will.) --Mega, your vacation sounds GREAT!! Where exactly are you going? Do you guys have a beach house that you get to go to on a regular basis?? I love going to the's just so relaxing. Wouldn't it be great if you get your BFP before vacation and then you can have an entire week to just take in the good news. :) Melissa....yeah I guess it would seem kinnda weird if you started on your nursery w/o your BFP. :) We have a spare room picked out right now for our baby and I already painted it a nursery color...(Tan-Yellow) which I will do a paddington bear theme in. LOL But, for now we just call it the work out room. It's full of all the work-out equipment that we got and NEVER used. LOL It's like my glorified clothes rack! LOL ---Anyway, day #2 injection was a little better. I tried to do it myself because the doctor said I can do it on my thigh too. As long as it's in a muscle area. So I can do it on the upper quadrant of my outer thighs. But, I do my shots at 6:00 and we were at my moms house and so I thought I would be brave. I mixed all the meds and then I went to do the injections and got the needle like 1/8 of an inch in and then I started to freak out because I felt resistance against the needle. So I am yelling my DH's name from the bathroom and my little sister who is only 18 is like freaking out. (She hates needles and anything like that.) So my DH had to come in and he pulls the needle out and and then administers the shot for me. (I guess I am not as brave as I thought.) I don't know how you did it Melissa.....MORE POWER AND MUCH RESPECT TO BOTH OF YOU!!! :) My DH has been giving me hard time saying that the thought that I was tough....but he was wrong. LOL (WHATEVER!!!) Hmmm.....well its just about time to go and do injection #3 so I will talk to you all later. :) Take care and keep us posted on the BFP signs. --(AFTERTHOUGHT......Tamtam....are you doing IUI too or just the injections?? )


Mega - April 24

Hi ladies. Tamtam, welcome! Good luck! I ended up taking the Repronex for 6 nights, I think. 2 vials a night, so 150 IUs. How are you taking it--subq or Intermusucular? I started the injections on a Thurs., had my 1st u/s on the following Mon, & had another u/s on Wed., triggered on Thurs. & had the IUI on a Saturday. So it went by pretty fast. I had lining issues on Clomid too, my dr had me use estrogen patches (which is for menopausal women to control hot flashes, LOL). So I'm glad I didn't need those with the Repronex. Thanks! I'm glad you're joining us too. Let us know how many follies your dr finds on the u/s. Kristrye--Oh, a Paddington Bear theme. How cool. I think I want a under the sea theme for our nursery regardless of whether the baby is a boy or girl. I think I want to know for baby #1 at least, maybe leave it a surprise for baby #2 & so on. So do you want to know? What about you, cmelissa? And you, Tammy? Kristrye--that's funny about your exercise equipment turn clothes rack, I've had the same sweater covering up my exercise bike for months now. LOL! No, this will be our first trip to the Outer Banks. We're staying in Corrola, NC close to the northern part of the Outer Banks. Sounds like such a neat place we won't want to come back to landlocked OH. Yes, if I'm pg this cycle I'll get my BFP like a week before we leave so you're right, we probably could use a week to process it ourselves. Sorry about your shot #2 fiasco, very brave of you to try it on your own though. You get props for that. My RE never told me doing in on the thigh was an option, though I don't know if I'd want to exercise that option or not. :) Your DH's sense of humor sounds a lot like my DH's too. Funny! I think they'd get along too well.


KristRye - April 24

Mega, Your vacation sounds so nice. I keep seeing advertisements on TV about the great state of NC. They always crack me up. I see them advertise CA too and they make it look so great. You always want to go when you see good advertising. Well, Injection number 3 went smooth. I think I got it down. The RE told me that I could do it in the thigh because I told her that I wasn't sure if my DH was going to be able to do the injection. She said that as long as it's in a muscle that it is fine. The thigh doesn't hurt as bad as your bum area. I think because you don't ever really sit on the side of your thigh. As for the I don't want to find out. I would rather just have the doctor yell out "It's a Girl" or vise versa. I think that if we get twins I will find out though. Just because maybe I would get one of each?? Who knows? I am just really praying for twins. But, I will be happy w/ anything that brings on a BFP. I am to the point that all I want to see is that second faint little pink line. :) Do you have anymore pg symptoms yet? I am so excited about my first US on Wed. Can't wait to see how many follicles I have. I know something is going on down there because I have so much cramping and bloating already. I think that the under the sea theme is adorable. It would be so much fun to do too. There is so many things you can do w/ lots of sea creatures. I seen on TV before that they did a room like that and they used fishermans netting at the curtains and put like sharks on the wall and fish from the ceiling. It was so cute. Then the bed was inside a little boat that stuck out of the wall. (Very fun.) I think that everyone has exercise equip like that. We got the bowflex because it was only 20 minutes a day three times a week.....but it's just not fun enough to keep you entertained. So I bowflexed for about a month and then haven't used it since. Besides, I didn't see results like the people on tv. (Of course) As for my DH....yes he is very funny. We love to laugh and to have a good time. I always tell him now much funnier I am than him.....of course he begs to differ. LOL Well, I have to get back to work. Take care and hope to hear from you all soon. :)


cmelissa - April 24

Hey my buddies!! Welcome TamTam - the more the merrier! Its so fabulous having each other to talk to considering we are all going through the same thing :)
I was a little concerned yesterday and today b/c I have been having mild cramping down there, plus my nips are so sore?? You think thats normal? Also is there anyway you can ovulate late if you take the trigger shot - they said you will ovulate within 24-34 hours i think. TamTam I took the same amount of dosage as Mega, but I did 2 back to back IUI's. I tried clomid for 3 cycles but no luck and I was only getting 1 follicle. My eggs reacted very well to the repronex so thats good news - I really hope this works its just scary when all of our test are normal and its unexplained!!
KristRye - I definitely want to know what I'm having b/c I have to get the room all ready and I will want to buy clothes too!! You have to have great will power not to find out!! Mega - I have been to the Outer Banks - very nice and relaxing! You will have a blast!! I need a vacation - we usually have company trip each year - think its to Florida this summer!!!! I wonder why I took my shots in my lower ab area and you guys in the butt or thigh?? I hope I have twins too, that would be great - it runs in the family and my hubby is a twin himself. How much is this costing you guys? My insurance doesn't cover squat so it cost us 2300 each time and that covers everything(blood tests, sonograms, IUIS, etc..)
Well hope everyone had a good Monday - you know how those are, haha! Look forward to hearing everyone's updates tomorrow!!
Talk to you later!


tamtam3 - April 25

HI Mega, Melissa, Kristi-

Thanks for the wonderful welcome. I sure could use it. I went for my follicle scan and only had one follicle- size 18 and two that were 8- they are wanting to wait until Wed morning to see if the other two catch - I doubt it though. I am kinda bummed. I thought forsure I would have it least two. I know one will do it. I have a little girl that is 18 months old and I feel very blessed to have her. So I should not be so bummed. I guess the older I get, the more my body changes. I am only 30. Oh well. Have any of you had one catch up? Do you know what happens if that one that is 18 ovulates before I go back in- does that mean the other two just disappear. Sorry so many questions. I am so confused. Thanks for everything ladies. Oh I am just having intercourse- our insurance pays for no infertility stuff.
Kristi- Hope your shots are doing okay. I am giving mine sub- in the stomach. They dont hurt too bad just leave a welp.
Mega- I think we are too alike- what dose were you on. Kinda bumming you take all those meds and get one follicle. Hmmm.

Hey Melissa- you might think I am crazy. I decorated the nursery before I got pregnant- my husband thought I was nuts. But oh well. I said if you decorate, baby will come and she did. We tried 18 months for her and are so blessed to have one kid. I hope and pray that Mega, Melissa and Kristi all get bfp. take care.



KristRye - April 25 totally cracks me up that you did your nursery prior to getting your BFP. I think I want to do that too. But, I feel like if I do it and I don't get one I am going to just sit in that room and cry all day. (I have been TTC for four years) I am only 26 now and so I am just hoping to get a BFP before I am 30. So another four years I am willing to put into it.....after that I think that I will need to start looking at other options. I don't want waste an entire decade TTC. Anyway, did you get pregnant w/ your DD fast? Did you have treatment in order to help you conceive? You are right that you are so blessed to have your DD. :) I would give my left arm for a baby. (Literally though.) Just to have something that has the best parts of both me and my DH. (Even some of the worst ones too.) Melissa.. my IUI cost me $1400 for the medication....but I think I will have eight vials of it left over and my insurance pays be back 50%....of what they think is usual and customary. (WHATEVER THAT MEANS??) and then the cycle w/ the ultra sounds and the bloodwork was an add'l $1800 for my share. (After reimbursement I think my share is like $2500) I am very LUCKY to have the insurance that I do because they 50% of ALL fertility testing and procedures excluding IVF. I really want to do an IVF if the IUI isn't successful but it would take a huge chunk from us and so I am trying not to explore that option. I got all the information and just ONE cycle EXCLUDING the medication would be $13,870.00 WOW. That is like a little car!!! I just can't imagine having to go that route....but desperate times call for desperate measures. LOL Too bad they don't offer a finance plan. LOL :) Can you imagine being able to pay for your baby in monthly installments?? My DH and I took out a home equity loan in order to remodel the kitchen and bathrooms....and a little extra for the baby fund. But, had we not taken out the equity loan I don't think I could ever even entertain doing an IVF. $13K is a lot of money no matter who you are. The clinic I go to has a plan that if you pay them $19K you get three cycles and if it doesn't work then you will get 50% of the money back. But, you have to qualify. I am not able to qualify until I do three IUI's though. But, I think if they three IUI's aren't successful I might go that route. Who knows?? BUT, WHY THINK OF THAT....WE ARE ALL GOING TO BFP THIS MONTH. (RIGHT LADIES??) Mega and Melissa?? Do you guys live close to one another? I think one of you is in OH and the other in NC?? Or maybe I am wrong?? I tried to look on the thread but it's been getitng long. :) Well, it's time for me to get to bed soon. I hope that you are all doing well and getting more and more signs of your BFP's. P.S. Melissa.....I think that cramps and sore nips are signs of BFP!! Hang in there and remember to hope for the best. =====Oh and Tammy....Mega and Melissa will know more about your follicles because I haven't reached that stage yet. :) LOTS AND LOTS OF BABY DUST AND BABY WISHES!!!


tamtam3 - April 25

Hi- How are you? Well good luck with this cycle. I would do anything I could to help a woman out wanting a baby. It took me 18 months to get pregnant with my daughter. And that is no where close to your time trying. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I got pregnant the first time with no help but lost that baby at 8 weeks. I felt miserable. Then could not get pregnant again. I finally had to do clomid and get monitoring to conceive my DD. Also need estrogen and progesterone to carry her. My lp phase is usually on 8 days or less. Well, I thought since I have one child it would not take my that long to conceive another. We have not used any protection since she was born. I felt it took me 18 months to conceive her I did not want it to take that long with another one. But 18 months is really not that long. Sorry for babbling. I know how you feel about the nursery. I would sit in there and wish and pray that I would be pregnant. I would talk to my eggs telling them to please catch that sperm so we can give this baby a wonderful, loving life. Sometimes she makes me want to pull my hair out but then at times when you are so greatful you have her, I just look at her and cry from the wonderful gift she is. I hope and pray that you will conceive soon. Good luck. How are you responding to the repronex?
HI Mega and Melissa- hope your cycles are going great. Melissa-sounds like a BFP might be on your way. I had the same symptoms.



Mega - April 25

Cmelissa--I agree with Tamtam & KristRye, your signs sound good, esp. the cramping. Enough time has passed since your IUI to allow for implantation, but I'd say AF is too far away for this to be AF related. I've got the really sore nipples too, ouchy. I think though that's caused by the HCG shot but it's been well over 10 days since I've had the HCG shot so I'd imagine that's out of my system now so I'm hoping the sore nipps are a good sign. We'll see. Oh yeah, living in VA, you've probably been to the outer banks a few times. What do you recommend seeing/doing/eating? Anything you can suggest? A company-paid trip to FL huh? That sounds great! Beazer Homes sounds like a nice company to work for. There are 2 ways you can take Repronex, in the tummy (subcutaneous) or on the butt/thigh (Intermusucular), it's just personal preference according to my dr. I chose Intermuscular because he thought it would save me a little money, I pay for all of this out of pocket too, except test is covered like 100% I think & I have unlimited u/s, which saves a lot of money too. So we pay for drugs & treatments entirely out of pocket. Keep us posted, I've got my fingers' & toes' crossed that your BFP is coming. TamTam--I'm sorry about just the 1 follie, but still as they say it just takes 1. I was hoping for a small litter of follies myself with the Repronex, but I guess some ovaries are more egg making machines than others. You did respond pretty well though, 18 mm is an awesome sized egg. So are you starting to BD now then to be sure to catch that eggie? I hope the other 2 play catch up. At my last u/s I did have 2 follies at 12 mm but to this day I don't know if they caught up & matured enough to O with my big guy. I figure if I get PG this cycle I can find out on the u/s when I see twins, or triplets (gulp!). :) An 18 month old dd, aww, what a fun age that is. Bet she keeps you running. What's her name? Good luck with the BD, I hope this is your lucky cycle. KristRye--Have you checked with your dr about financing? I've read a lot of REs will finance IVF, though even those chunks are quite sizable. It's always in the back of mind as an option but I'm trying not think of IVF, that's not really doable til we've had the chance to save $ for quite awhile. But I think all 4 of us have excellent odds on Repronex! :) Your ins. coverage sounds pretty good, but you still have put up a nice chunk of change for the drugs & the IUIs. Don't you love their ambigous wording on everything? You're right, I do live in OH. I guess I'm the old lady of this thread, I'm 31. My goal was to have my BFP when I turned 30, then that came & went so I thought well maybe as long as I have my baby when I'm still 30 & then in March I turned 31 so once again it was time to stretch out my timeframe. Oh well, all in due time I suppose. I've got to get to work now. Have a great day ladies!


wannabeamom - April 25

KristRye, what is BCP? I thought I had all the abbreviations down. ;-) GL


KristRye - April 25

BCP = Birth Control Pills. :) Mega, You shouldn't feel old at all. 31 is so young now days and I have been reading that you have great success rates until you turn 36. So you have another good five years. You can even conceive up to like 44 now days. Just be patient and your BFP will come.....maybe even this month. Hmmm.....I know I sound stupid but I don't even know where OH is. I will have to check out the map sometime. :) I totally agree w/ you on that free vacation thing....maybe we can go all and work at Beazer and go on a FREE vacation. We don't get to vacation too much because my DH was self employed and so he was always working and he didn't want to leave his employees alone that long. But, now that he is working in a REAL JOB I am looking forward to actually going on a formal vacation....for the first time in over five years. Normally we would just take long weekends and small road trips. Have you guys ever traveled internationally?? I haven't been anywhere except....Tijiuana? (If that even counts) I would love to go to Italy.....With this goes another questions...."If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go??" I love 20's always fun. : ) Anyway, Tammi.....I am sure that now that you are doing the monitoring and the meds that you will get another BFP. :) I know that a lot of people that come here think that since they already have one child that they can't feel sad that they can't have another......I don't care how many kids you may have.....when you have the void in your heart for a child it's all the same. :) That is why this struggle is so hard.....we all feel that emptiness inside longing for a child. The great thing about my situation is that I have such a great DH and my family is very supportive. I feel very blessed and I trust that God knows what is in my heart and that he will provide in some form or another. Mega.....I don't think that my RE clinic does financing. They sent me a form w/ my initial packet and they do offer reduced rates but you have to make less than like $60K a year in order to qualify. That is like combined income. Unfortunately, we didn't qualify and so they think we can magically produce $14K out of our you know what?? (Refer to the appropiate body part.) LOL Besides.....would you really want to make monthly payments if you get a BFN after an IVF cycle. I would cry everytime I had to write out that are just paying for something that didn't would do something to me on a very deep psychological level. :) Anyway, I am at work so I better start WORKING!! I so need a new job......that greeter position at Wal-Mart keeps looking better and better. :) "Welcome to can find your BFP on isle 14" (I crack myself up.) Take care and talk to you all soon.


Mega - April 25

Hi. KristRye--OH is in the upper midwest, it's a rather non-descript state on the map, at least. Maybe you can there on your first formal vacation. :) Ha! I hear ya on the Greeter job, I'm having my 2nd interview there tomorrow. Yeah, right! I'm an only child & my mom didn't have me til she was 36, they tried for along time to have a child too. So you would've thought I'd be expecting to have issues TTC but it still shocked me. Is anyone ever prepared though? So really you're right, there's lots of time left for me but since I want 2 or 3, I still want to get the show on the road. :) I've been to Europe when I was a teenager, but I'd love to go again as an adult, I think I'd appreciate it a bit more now. But I went to Italy (goregous), Switzerland, France & England. Fun times. Let's see, I really want to go to Australia, Italy, Ireland, England (see Cornwall, where my grandpa was born), Greece, Germany & Morroco. The world is full of neat places to visit. 20 questions, how fun! Good question, too. Well, I'd better get back to work myself. Later!!!


cmelissa - April 25

Hey Girls,
Sorry it took me so long to write, I'm off today and tomorrow so I don't check email as much!! I know Beazer is a great company!! Usually my sore bbs go aways anytime about now, but my stomach doesn't usually cramp so much as it is lately and i don't go in until May 1st for the blood work!! Can only hope!! TamTam think I had a few follicles - I had a ton of them but only 3-4 were big enough, my ovaries like repronex,haha! Thats awesome you have a daughter already! I want one so bad!! Its especially hard b/c my sis is pregnant again on the first try and her and my mom both got pregnant first time trying so it worries me that I'm having trouble, the expense too is stressful. Its scary to think about IVF b/c of the cost, thats a lot of money! Mega - I went a few year ago so I can't remember names and what not of places to go, I'd definitely ask around while you are there and go to a yummy seafood place! Tam-I believe once your egg ovulates the other 2 won't , only mature eggs release. It only takes one though :). I hope we all get the BFP!!!!! I didn't think the shots in the belly hurt as much, it did get sore though from my pants! Our page is getting long so whoever writes next maybe we can start Reponex Part 2 thread. I've been a few places Mexico-Cancun and Riviera Maya, Madrid Spain, Jamaica, Bahamas, anywhere tropical I will go! Love the relaxing at the beach and the sunny weather!! Well you all are the best!! Talk tomorrow! Have a good night!!



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