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KristRye - April 13

Do you have a lot of bruising from the injections? I am starting to get scared. I think that just knowing that my DH is going to do it freaks me out. You should have seen him do his lab work prior to the authorization of the IUI. LOL He is just not into blood and stuff. I used to work at a surgery center and so I was exposed to a lot of surgical procedures and it kinda facinates me. But, it makes my DH freak out. LOL As for triplets...,..Why not?? If it's only three then I won't have to buy a bigger house or a bigger car. But, once you get into the 4' you need more bedrooms and should I dare say it....."A MINIVAN" Yikes!!! Well, I hope that those little follicles are catching up....besides I heard that the fresher the follicle is when you get the LH surge the higher the quality of the egg. :) Not sure if that is how it works when you are being stimulated though...?? That was one of my problems....I wouldn't O until like day 20 of my cycle and the doctor said that is bad. :( Do you give the HCG yourself too or do you go to the doctor. My HCG injection looks like crack in a bottle. (Not that I really know what that looks like. LOL) But, it's just a really thin layer of powder in the bottom of this bottle.....I assume that you add the other liquid to it like you said. -- It's kinda good that you get left overs from your medication. It will help make your next cycle less expensive. Does your Ins. cover it? Mine covers it if I do the IUI but not the injections I had to pay 100% of it and then my ins will reimburse me if I have the procedure. They will pay up to 50% of the usual and customary....whatever that means. LOL Well, back to work I go. P.S. What do you do for a living? Are you going to stay home if you get your BFP??


cmelissa - April 13

Hey girls,
Sorry it took me so long to reply!! Anyways good luck Mega - I have a great feeling for us this month!!! Keep us posted with how it goes!

I'm on day 3 of the shot now, I actually learned to give it to myself since I'm going out of town Saturday for a wedding I will have to do it. My stomach is a little bruised but I can live with it :)

I hope this cycle works so much! Oh by the way I'm from VA and 28 my hubby is 29, we have been trying for a year and half and all the tests are normal, just ovulation problems.

I have heard a lot of success stories from Repronex and injections too!

I'm trying to stay positive this month! Keeping my fingers crossed for all of us!!

I would love to have twins too!! It actually runs in my family and my husband is a twin too! My follicles seem to grow slower than others, I usually don't ovulate till day 18 that was with the clomid, maybe they will grow faster with the repronex!

Well I'm glad I have you guys to talk to! If you want to exchange emails so we can talk that way let me know!

Have a great day! Happy Easter this weekend too!


KristRye - April 13

Melissa, I am glad to hear that your experience w/ the shots are getting better. I am so anxious about it. :) Both you and Mega are really calming my nerves. :) That is why these boards are so great. Did you have your first US yet? If yes....what happenend? How many follicles? Anyway, until next time take care. :)


Mega - April 13

KristRye--No, not really bruising at the injection site, but my butt muscle (esp. on the right side, which was where my injection was last night) is kinda sore. But that hasn't really been bad til today, guess it's a culmative effect & not bad at all really. Your DH will do fine, esp. after the first couple. That's nice that your ins. will reimburse you, we have no drug coverage at all unfortunately, that's why I'm so happy that IF I have to do another Repro cycle I have left over meds. A minivan--not that! LOL. Your post was cracking me up. Speaking of crack (not that I'd know either mind you) you're right, they do kinda look like powdered crack but I doubt the street stuff comes in such nice vials. I'm glad posting here is easing your mind a bit. It's really not bad. Just take a deep breath, shut your eyes & let your DH shoot you up. I am an inside sales rep/sales development rep for a software company. I'll probably go back to work after the baby's born, unless my DH gets a new job this year (which is possible if a good job opens up within his company) then if we move & I'm PG I'll probably stay home with the baby for the first 6 mos. or so. What about you? What do you do? Are you still in the medical field? We do the HCG shot ourselves, it'll be in 1.5 hrs actually. Cmelissa--I think you'll find your follies will grow much faster on the Repronex than on Clomid. I was a late O'er on Clomid too, well at least I was til I had Ovarian Drilling in Feb, since then I've been Oing faster at least. I'm glad the shots are going pretty well for you, I think the tummy probably bruises a little easier than the butt (where I get my IM shots)--of course I have some padding there too. LOL! I have a really good feeling about the 3 of us this cycle too. The 2 ww will be fun, comparing notes, etc. Have a great night you all. Have fun at the wedding this weekend, cmelissa. Let us know what happens at your next u/s. KristRye--when do you start your shots? Do you know yet?


KristRye - April 14

Mega, I am a Workers Compensation Claims Adjustor. (Insurance Still) I used to actually do the insurance when I worked at the surgery center. So I am in the same field. But, I acutally now only work like five minutes from my home and so I am much happier now. Before I had to drive in traffic for like three to four hours a day. Now I just go down the street. I work for the State of California and they have re-instatement rights if you ever quit. So IF I do get my BFP then I am out of here. I HATE this place....its just too much small detailed work that just piles on and its really changed my personality. I have like 200 Joe Blow's and his attorney calling me non-stop everyday about his freaking back hurts him and how he needs his check and can I please pay some of his child support....blah, blah, blah. I feel like telling them to get off their asses and go back to work because they aren't even injured. (Sorry for the bad word) I used to be I am out right MEAN. So I will probably just quit and then go and work somewhere else after I have a baby. I was thinking of a carrer at IHOP. Then I could just greet people who want pancakes all day. LOL (This seriously crosses my mind everytime we eat there.) But, I guess it all just depends on what we can afford. I don't think that I am going to be able to start my injections until 04/23??? Something like that. So I have 10 more days. I think that by the time I do my IUI you guys will be at the end of the TWW. Since this is our first's going to be horrible. I went to the store last night and I was already wanting to by a that is totally jumping the gun....but it really crossed my mind. Are you going to do another IUI right away if this one is .......shhhhhhhh......I don't want to say it......(You know a BFN) Shhhhh.....STOP THE THOUGHT OF THAT!!! LOL I want to keep doing it all six times in a my DH says we should take a break because it seems pretty overwhelming. But, maybe if this cycle goes as smooth as it is for you....then I can convince him to go for it again. :) If you get a BFP have you already picked out names?? What about you Melissa?? Hmmmm....not much else to say. It's time to leave I am outie for now. Take care. :)


Mega - April 14

KristRye--TGIF!! Your posts always have me laughing out loud (LOL) fortunately this place is a ghost town today so not too many people around to think I'm psycho. :) Today anyway. Ha. This will be my 5th IUI & I keep doing them back to back except in Feb. where I took a couple cycles off to have a lap/Ovarian Drilling surgery, fun stuff like that. Call it a working break. IHOP huh? I think I'd make a smashing Walmart greeter myself. :) You don't have a stockpile of HPTs yet? I like the instant coupons that are generated automatically from the store when I buy a HPT. I bought one last cycle conveniently the day before AF came on her own & talk about jumping the gun, the instore coupon was for Ensure Healthy Mom for preggo women. I told the clerk the computer was just optimistic. Names, yes, we've had names picked out for our kiddies since we'd barely started dating. What about you all? Workers Comp claims adjuster, huh? Wow! Not an easy job, no wonder you're looking to leave when that 2nd pink line shows up. I've thought about going into insurance actually, claims adjusting but not worker's comp. I got accepted into a training program a couple years ago but chose this job instead b/c a friend worked here. Now she's left for a better opp., of course. Well I'll talk to you ladies later. How're you doing cmelissa? Last night's shot was the worst I've ever had. Fortunately it was the trigger so I'm done being a pin cushion. I think DH picked a bad spot or something. But ouchy whatever caused it. Have a great weekend, ladies.


cmelissa - April 14

Hey Mega and KristRye,
TGIF!!! I go in tomorrow morning bright and early for my first sonogram and blood work so I will let you all know how big my follies are. So Mega you get the IUI today and tomorrow since you had the trigger shot right?

We have a bunch of names picked out that we like, it's fun thinking about that! I'm in new home sales business and work for a home builder, really like it!

Kristrye, when do you start the shots??

Today take 4th shot in tummy, I'm running out of spaces b/c everywhere is sore and my pants rub right against it. I'm anxious for tomorrow - I really hope I have more than 1 follicle so I have a greater chance.

Mega, Do you guys have sex along with the IUI too?

Well you all have a wonderful weekend! Happy Easter!!

We may need to start a new thread Repronex 2 since this one is getting pretty long.

Have a good day!


Mega - April 14

Hi cmelissa--I'm just doing 1 IUI & it's tomorrow. Do you do back to back IUIs at your practice? Yes, I usually try to ravage DH the night of the IUI, to cover all our bases. Yes, it is fun picking out names, it makes the concept of having a baby more real I guess for lack of better phrasing. Your job sounds fun. Do you live in one of the home plans you're selling? Sorry about the sore tummy. My butt sympathizes. :) Do you have any loose sundresses you could wear? I'm not that much of a dress kind of girl myself but I bought a few when I had my lap & it was nice to not have anything rubbing up against that region. Might help you. You're right, it won't be too much longer til we'll have to make a new thread. We can probably hold off another week or so. I know I tend to write novel-length posts. :) Good luck on your u/s & b/w appt.! I'll check back this weekend to see how it goes & post my IUI #s too. Well, I'm almost outtie for the day. We get out at noon today. Yay!


KristRye - April 14

Mega- No I don't have a stock pile. I guess that I just figure that if I had a stock pile I would probably do a test every single day that AF was late. With my schedule.....I would probably waste like 10 of them per cycle. I like the new clear blue easy electronic ones and those are like $10 a pop. So....I save myself the money and won't buy any until the actual day that AF is suppose to show up. Yeah being a claims adjustor isn't the life for me. I liked it for the first two years but now......all the new reform laws and the changes that CA is trying to do just means endless training and a lot more work. Hmmm....a Wal-Mart greeter??? It certainly is a possibility. I would only want to go to the Super Wal-Mart....maybe that could make us "Super-Greeters" LOL They just opened the very first Super-Wal-Mart here and it's pretty neat. They have some sort of a contract there isn't any real food in it yet. I guess that the grocerey stores are all upset and so they can't put food in it until like 2008. I like it because the isles are so wide and the perk of all perks.....YOU GET GREETED AT THE DOOR. LOL Hmm.....what names did you pick out? Did you narrow it down?? I like the names Sophia Noel or Vaydah Noel for a girl....and Cederic Mattias if its a boy. My husband doesn't like Cederic because he said he will be teased....but it's a mans name. His name is Ryan and to me that name just sounds young.....I never met an 80 year old Ryan??? Maybe I am just crazy. What was so bad about the HCG?? Did it burn or did the actualy penetration of the needle hurt?? (I feel scared again. LOL) So what exactly does an inside sales rep for a software company do? Is it like gaming software?? Do you get to play video games all day?? J/K. Your title does sound so official. LOL Have you had anymore O are your smaller follicles doing? Do you think that they are growing??? Melissa - What home builder do you work for? Do you work like in the model homes and then do the phase releases?? Hopefully tomorrow you will see 4 BIG FAT FOLLICLES!!!! That would be so great. I am thinking that I am going to start my injections on the 17th.....I am not 100% sure because I don't understand the calendar. I call on CD 1 and then I go from there. My last BCP is on Sunday though. I feel like not taking it in order to speed things up....then I can tell the RE...."Gee, I don't know what happened." LOL I think that might be bad karma though. :) As for BD'ing w/ the IUI.....ABSOLUTELY!!! I want to increase my chances as much as possible. Besides, my DH's sa said that he had over 70 million and they had great morphology and so I am all about doing it the same day as the IUI.....then again the next day....etc. etc. LOL I got to get my BFP and so I need to do whatever it takes.....even if that means hanging upside down for an hour after we BD. LOL ....maybe I won't go that far.....20 minutes is probably more like it. j/k Well, I have to get to work. I hope that you have a great IUI tomorrow Mega!! I am totally routing for you and Melissa.....I hope that your follicles are growing like crazy. Have a great Friday. :)


cmelissa - April 14

Hey Girls,
Mega - Yes I usually have the 2 IUI's back to back. My husband usually has btw.50-70 million so thats great! It only take one! We usually then have sex the day after just incase - makes us feel better, haha!

Be sure to relax tomorrow and lay down for atleast 20 minutes after the IUI. You would think you would get pregnant right away since they don't have to ttravel as far, so frustrating sometimes! It must be hard for you sitting down since you have the shots in your butt, ouch!

KristRye - I hope our follies are big and many! The more the merrier! My niece's name is Sophia - very cute!!

I do work in a model townhouse right now, can't beat that! I work for Beazer Homes, they do have them in Cali too! I do the contracts for the purchasers.

Speaking of pregnancy tests - I don't buy them anymore b/c I was getting too frustrated b/c it was never positive, so i'd just wait till I went in for blood work. Hopefully this month will be a different story!!

Well look forward to the updates this weekend! I will try and w/b on Sunday!

Great talking with you guys as always! So glad I found you 2 to talk to, its nice to have someone who is going through the same thing!


Mega - April 17

Hi cmelissa, hi Kristrye. Sorry for the late reply I didn't get really get a chance to post this weekend. :) And I'm not supposed to use the net for personal surfing at work but I'm a rebel. Actually I'm on lunch so it's okay. But I'm still a rebel with no real causes. Ha! KristRye--I actually do have a HPT stockpile but that was from when I first started TTC & then I quickly grew to HATE testing, tired of all those BFNs. Now I try to hold off for as long as I can. The HCG itself didn't hurt going in, I think DH just chose the wrong spot. Sorry to scare ya but learn from me, okay? My poor butt still hurts today! We like Holden for a boy. We're at an impasse for the middle name though. I like Holden Gabriel, Derr hates the name Gabriel so I might sneak it on the birth certificate anyway considering he pretty much came up with all the names on our list & his part is over in 10 minutes leaving me to do all the work. Fair, right? Cederic--that's a cool name. Not too common. I like the name Ryan, I have a few cousins named Ryan, & you're right, I never thought about it but yes it's more of a young persons name. Well in about 45 years or so they'll be a lot of sr citizens named Ryan, Jennifer, Madison, etc...Too funny! I wish we did gaming software, pay to play, how cool would that be? No, we sell manufacturing software, ERP & CRM solutions. My title sounds so official b/c I made it up myself, LOL. Sounds more professional than prospecting or telemarketing. Cmelissa, my IUI went well, I think. We had 57 mil post washing, so that was pretty good. I wish they'd test standard for morphology too though since that's our main sperm issue. I actually had a spa appointment a couple hours after the IUI, so I totally relaxed on Saturday. I felt like a diva. I could get used to it, ha. How'd your first scan go? How many follies? Any idea yet when your IUI will be? Good luck!


cmelissa - April 17

Hey Girls,
Mega - glad the IUI went well!! I had my first appt on Saturday, they weren't ready yet, so went back today and have to go again early morning tomorrow. They said I had 11 folicles, of course not all of those will be ready - probably 3-4 will be the leaders. I go in tomorrow and then will find out if I'm ready for the shot to progress ovulation and then the back to back IUI's. Mega are you taking progesterone also?
KristRye - how are you doing now??
Well sorry it took me so long to write back too, busy weekend with the wedding in NJ and Easter.
Mega - keeping my fingers crossed for you. That's great you had a day at the spa, love treating myself to those!
Talk to you soon! Will write tomorrow after my sonogram.


KristRye - April 18

Hi ladies. Sorry I have been MIA so long. I don't usually use the computer over the weekends. It was my anniversary weekend and so it was especially difficult. We went on a hot air balloon ride. (Very disappointed) I think I need bigger thrills than that. LOL Anyway, CMelissa....that stinks that you have had to go to the doctor so many times and they still didn't test your follicles. I hope that they are BIG and that there are LOTS of them. :) I agree w/ you that buying the HPT's are depressing. Especially since I always think its a false BFP and so I do two or three a cycle until AF shows. (Too much disappointment for me.) Beazer is a big bulider out here is CA. Acutlaly, everyone is a big builder out here right now. Homes are going up left and right. It's way out of control when you get to some of the outskirts of the major cities. In the desert there are like.... hundreds of thousands of new homes going up...I think they got approved for 200K. You will definitely have to keep us posted on your follies so that we can cheer them on. LOL Mega, that is such a great idea to go to the spa on the day of your IUI. Maybe I will be a copy-cat. LOL Do you feel different this you feel like you got a BFP. You know you could offically be 2-3 days pregnant!!!! (BFP, BFP, BFP!!!) I hope the eggs and sperm hear me cheering. I think that Holden is a nice name. It's strong like a mans name should be. :) Oh, and sneaking in Gabriel...why not?? You can tell your DH that you were delusional after birth and so you thought you had agreed on that. LOL I made the agreement w/ my DH that if we have a girl I name it if its a boy he can name it. (THIS COULD BE SCARY!) As for the HCG....I hope my DH gets it right. He is very nervous about doing my injections and so this could be ugly. :( Well I took my last BCP and they said that I should start AF by Wed and do injection #1 on Friday. My in-laws who I HATE are suppose to come over that day....maybe I can tell my DH that they can't come over because I am too nervous about my injections. (LOL) Anything to get out of seeing them. I talked to the nurse at my clinic and she said that I will do u/s everyother day for days 9-the IUI. I am kinda excited because then they will know exactly how many follies I will have. I hope I have four....otherwise they will call off the procedure and I will be DEPRESSED and out a small fortune. LOL Well, I have to get home so I better go now. Take care......hope to hear from you both soon. BABY DUST!!!


Mega - April 18

Hi! Cmelissa--how'd your appt. go today? Are those follies ready yet to trigger? Good luck! Do you use Ovidrel for the trigger shot? 3 or 4 lead follies, that's a perfect IUI # I'd think. How big do they have to reach before your dr will have you trigger? No, I'm not on progesterone supplements now. I'd like to be but my dr doesn't think it's necessary for me. WIll you be on that after your IUIs? Good luck. Oh the wedding, that's right. Bet you had a FUN weekend. KristRye--Happy belated anniversary. How long have you guys been married now? I don't usually get on the computer much on the weekends either. That's too bad that the balloon ride wasn't more fun. Perfect, delusional, I LOVE it. That's the best defense, who can argue with a new mom pleading delusion??!!! Too funny. Good luck with the in law visit. There are some ghastly MILs out there, sorry you have one of those. I think the injectibles is the perfect out. How far away do they live? Too far for many visits? That's a cool way to divide the naming of the babies, but you're right, could be very scary. LOL. I hope you get a house full of girls then. Ha. Wow, Friday, shot times fast approaching, huh? Don't let me scare you, (bad Mega!), all in all it's not horrendous. Right cmelissa? Your DH will do fine. Don't let your MIL volunteer to help though. :) Did you say that your dr's office requires at least 4 follies to even do an IUI?! Wow. I'd be outta luck in that case. Very true, I like the sound of that, I could be 2-3 days PG now & not know it. I repeated your chants a couple of times for the egg & spermies so they'd hear. :) I hope AF comes soon for you. Baby Dust to you too. Talk to ya later!!!


cmelissa - April 18

Mega - I feel the same way with the HPT's, I just usually wait till I go to the doctor to find out - its hard to have will power like that!

Happy Anniversary KristRye!! Mine is May 8th it will be 2 years!!

I had my dr. appt today, I have a total of 12 follicles, however I have a total of 3-4 that will be ready for tomorrow so I'm doing the shot tonight for ovulation and then I go in tomorrow for IUI as well as Thursday! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Mega - the bottle says Chorionic Gonadotropin for the ovulation shot. My poor stomach is so bloated from all the shots there, not fun!
So how do you feel Mega - feel pregnant at alll yet?

My boobs are so sore today, probably b/c all the meds! My dr. wants to do the IUI tomorrow and I had to stop the repronex b/c he was worried about multiples, twins would be nice though!
KristRye - I;ve always wanted to go in a hot air balloon - I'm kind of scared of heights though so not sure if I'd actually ever do it, haha! Good luck with the in-laws - so much fun! Ha
Keep you posted tomorrow after the IUI - hopefully hubby will have a good #!!
Talk to you later!


Mega - April 18

GOOD LUCK tomorrow, cmelissa, on IUI #1! Hey, if you get PG this cycle that'll be just in time for your 2 year anniversary! What a perfect gift that would be. Do you think you'd be able to hold off telling your DH til your anniversary? I know I won't be able to keep my mouth shut when I get my BFP, I'll probably be telling strangers on the street. LOL! My bbs are sooo sore now too, I'm sure the Repronex plays a part in that but esp. the trigger shot. I think you used the same trigger shot I did, just the generic HCG. But since I know that's related to the trigger, I'm disregarding that this cycle. Otherwise, I don't really feel PG yet. I'm trying not to think much about it though. That gets harder & harder as each day passes. LOL. Again, good luck tomorrow, I can't wait to hear how it goes. I hope your DH has great #'s!!!



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