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cmelissa - April 9

Hello Ladies,
I'm starting my first cycle of using repronex plus IUI. Anyone have any succes stories. My problem is irregular cycles.

Let me know. Thanks!


Mega - April 9

Good luck, cmelissa. I'm in the same situation, I just started Repronex myself on Thurs, so far it's not bad. I'm taking the IM injections, what about you? Tomorrow I have my 1st u/s & e2 b/w so I'll find out for sure how it's working. When did/do you have your 1st shot? I have PCOS & O'ed with Clomid but never got PG on it so that's why I decided to move on up to injectibles. Sounds like you & I are on similar cycles, that's good.


cmelissa - April 11

Hi Mega,
I actaully go to the doctor today - day 2 of my cycle. I will then begin the injections I assume - this is my first time with this - I'm praying this will work. We tried 3 cycles with clomid and IUI and no success.

Hopefully this will be our month. Keep me posted!


Amanda - April 11

what is repronex??? never heard of it ... thanks everyone.. is it similar to clomid..


Mega - April 11

Good luck at your appt. today. I had my 1st follie check u/s yesterday, on CD 7. So far I have 2 follies, 1 on the right at 11 mm, the other on the left at 14mm. I go back tomorrow. I've been taking a 150 IU a night since CD3. Let me know how your appt. goes today. I hope it's our month too. I've read on lots of Repronext 1st time success stories on other boards, so hopefully we'll have our own stories to tell soon. Amanda--Repronex is a type of injectible. I think it's one of the newer ones out there.


KristRye - April 11

Hi, I will be doing my frist cycle of Repronex and IUI this month. My last BCP will be on 04/16. I just got all my meds....24 bottles of Repronex, one of HCG and then I will take folic acid, baby aspirin and Progesterone. ( I haven't had my appt. to learn how to the injections and stuff yet.) I am very anxious and nervous. Do you guys have any side effects? Is it difficult to do the injections? Any insight would be helpful. Good luck and I pray that you guys both get your BFP on your first cycle. :)


Mega - April 11

Thanks KristRye! Good luck with your 1st Repronex & IUI too. It's great that all us first timers are on similar schedules. This will be my 6th night on the shots, & no, I haven't had any s/e yet that I know of. I've been sick though, I caught my DH's cold or something so it's been kind of hard to tell what's what, but no I believe I haven't had any s/e from the shot itself. I'm taking the IM kind, so my DH has to give me the shot. It stings a little going in, hurts for maybe a min. or 2 afterwards & that's it. No big deal really. Keep us posted!


KristRye - April 11

Thanks so much for the feedback. What is the IM kind of Repronex? Mine is just 10 little vials in a little purple box. Do you know what other kinds there would be? I am just so anxious to find out what all of this RX is for and how to use it. I had to order it from the pharmacy prior to my first appt. The chart I got shows that I have to inject it on my lower back / upper buttock area. Is that the same as what you are taking? When will your actual IUI take place? Also do they think that you will be getting more follicles or does the first US normally show everything that will come up during the month. I am worried because I would normally ovulate on my own but I have endo and so that is why I am doing the IUI. But, I don't believe in selective reduction so if I get too many follicles they will cancel the procedure and I will be out $2500.00. :( Did you O before the Repronex?


Mega - April 11

KristRye--IM means intermuscular & it just refers to the injection site. Subcutenous is the other method of injecting Repronex. You're taking the IM kind too, the upper buttocks area is where I get my shot too. I take it your partner will be giving you the shot? I suppose other follies can develop after the 1st u/s but there's probably not enough time for them to develop in time to O for the IUI. I don't O without medication, or at least I didn't before I had Ovarian Drilling done on 2/17, I have PCOS so my ovaries don't tend to go crazy when it comes to egg-making. My dr discussed selective reduction with me too prior to going on Repronex. Wow, I'm not sure I'd be able to do that. Well, hopefully you won't have to cancel the IUI, & be out $2,500, yikes! I'll find out more tomorrow at my next u/s, but I think most likely I'll either do my IUI on Friday or Saturday, I just hope the clinic isn't closed all of Easter weekend.


cmelissa - April 12

Hey Guys,
I had my 1st appt yesterday and had the first injection. I get them in my lower stomach area so it tends to get pretty sore there. It stung a little bit. I go back in on Saturday for blood work and sonogram. I was really upset yesterday b/c of the expense and also just frustrated with not getting pregnant. Its hard when everyone around seems to be getting pregnant.

I have hope though and lets pray this cycle works for all of us!!


KristRye - April 12

The only thing w/ the Selective Reduction is that I have been waiting for a baby for four years and still don't have one. So if I did get four or five.....and then I did the reduction to only two or three.....and then something happened and I miscarried or something.....I don't think that I could live w/ myself. It's just such a hard decision. I think for people who just get pregnant w/ four babies w/o trying and have other children the decision wouldn't be so hard. But, waiting for a few years and then finally getting pregnant....WOW. It's just really starting to feel like it will never happen. Yet, I am excited to try something NEW. Anyway, I think that two follicles is perfect. You have more than one chance and you even have the possibility of having twins!! Then you have have double the pleasure. :) I am sure that your clinic will be open on Easter. When will you do the injection of the HCG? My IUI won't be until 05/2-4/06 depending on when my cycle starts. I am so excited I found this thread and so that we can all exchange information. I don't think that my DH will be willing to do the injections for me. He doesn't seem too thrilled about the injections. He just wants to have a baby already and I think that the details really stress him out. I will have to figure a way out to do the injections on my own....if it's possible. Where are you ladies from? How old are you and how long have you been TTC? I am 26 and live in Southern CA and have been TTC for four years this month. They can't figure out why I can't get pregnant. During my lap I had a mild Endo but nothing serious. Everything else from SA, HSG, Blood Work, ASA, Hamster Test and SA all come out clear. I have the saliva monitor, the Clear Blue Easy monitor, took lots tof Clomid, Estrogen and even some Herbs w/ Accupuncture. Nothing worked. But, when we started the IUI I found out that I had Ureaplasma....(which is like a small bacteria you sometimes carry if you ever had a UTI) so DH and I took the medication and so maybe that will solve things??? I think that if I had an identified cause I would feel a little more I could get the treatment I needed and then move forward. But, w/o knowing why it just isn't happening is frusterating. BABY DUST TO BOTH OF YOU!!!


Mega - April 12

Cmelissa--Glad your 1st shot went okay. Yes, the Repro does sting a bit going in but I didn't think it was too bad. I'm glad you've got hope though for this cycle, that's important. I hear ya, I know a lot of people who are pg now too, so hopefully the 3 of us are next. KristRye--With the IM shots, you really do need to find someone to do them for you, you won't be able to reach back & do it yourself. :) Plus, that would really be ouchy, I'd think.
I hear you on the selective reproduction, I feel very similar. It's a very tough call. But I definitely don't have to worry this cycle. I IUI on Sat., at 9 AM. DH's collection is 7:30. I trigger tomorrow night & do one last shot tonight. One big follie is 17.5, & then there are 2 smaller ones at 12 mm each, I really hope they grow big enough to O on Sat., I'll see. My dr said it's possible, but who knows. Still, all it takes is 1! Hopefully the meds you took for Ureaplasma do the trick & along with the Repronex you'll get your BFP. I'm from Cincinnati, OH. I'm 31, TTC #1 since Aug. 2004. I have PCOS & my DH has low morphology.


KristRye - April 12

Mega, Maybe I will have to drive out to my moms house everyday to get them done. I don't think my DH will do it. :( He can't stand even getting shots himself. Maybe I can convince know it's for a greater cause. LOL Well, good luck on Saturday!! :) It's the day before Easter so maybe it will be LUCKY!! :) Can't you still ovulate the day after your IUI w/ the other follicles? Or is it just that one surge that causes ovulation? Can't you still just have intercourse after the IUI just in case there is a late egg. LOL A friend of my step-moms daughter got pregnant on IUI and she is having a boy. I guess that since the boys swim the fastest and the egg is right there that you are far more likely to have a boy. :) Hmmmm....My calendar shows that I will only have three U/S's one on CD #1, another around CD 7 and then one when I get the HSG. How many have you had? How big does a follicle need to be in order to break off of the ovary? Four days will hopefully be enough time for the others to GROW, GROW, GROW!! Good luck! :)


Mega - April 12

Thanks KristRye!!! That's right, maybe the day before Easter will be lucky. A good time for an IUI. You know now that you mention it I have heard that more boys than girls are conceived via IUI, & the only baby I've ever met who is an IUI baby is a boy. Oh & his mom conceived him on Repronex too. So there's a success story for us. If I had to choose I'd actually like to have a son, so that works for me. But as long as the baby is healthy it really doesn't matter to me. Interesting though. Boy sperm are lazier after all than "girl" sperm. LOL! I think using the "for a good cause" argument should compel your DH to give you the shots. Good luck with the convincing though. How far does your mom live? I'd be out of luck if DH refused to shoot me up, my mom would never be able to do it in a zillion years, she so pain phobic + she lives 50 miles away, too long of a commute. :) Fortunately DH didn't have a problem with the idea. Maybe it's a stress reliever for him? Ha!!! I guess all in all I've only had 3 u/s, one on CD 2 (baseline), one on Monday & the one today. I wish they would do 1 more u/s the day of the IUI but they don't. Oh well, I guess if I get PG with twins I'll know at least one of the smaller follies ended up growing. Ha! Have a great night! cmelissa, good luck with shot #2 tonight.


KristRye - April 13

Well, I talked to my DH. He said that he will "Try" to do the injections for me. He said that if I make him angry enough that he might just be able to. LOL If not I will have to have my mom do it. She lives like only 20 miles away but since I live off of two major freeways it takes me like an hour to get there. But, it will be worth it. I feel confused because I got 24 bottles of repronex and then each box has 24 of something they are in pairs. But, on my calendar it shows I will be taking them for only a week and that would be at 3, 3, then 2 for the other five days. That only adds up to 16 vials. Maybe they ordered too much for me. But, there is a little box on my calendar that says....from this day follow the doctors specific directions??? I just can't wait for my cycle to start so that I can go and see the doctor and get all the specifics. Are you feeling nervous about Saturday or excited??? I totally hope that you get your willl give me hope. :) As for family would like a boy because I have five sisters and one niece and no boys and my husbands family would like a girl because they have two boys and one grandson. But, I would actually like a girl. I don't know if I would know what to do w/ a boy. LOL In all honesty though....anything that God gives me I will feel blessed with. Who knows....maybe I will be lucky enough to have of each! That would be so great. I would even like triplets.....anything more than that.... NO WAY!! Did you already get an injection of the HSG?? Did they do that at your last appt? Hmm....can't think of any other questions or things to say. :) Take dust and lots of luck on your GROWING follicles. :)


Mega - April 13

KristRye--That's great that your DH will "try" to give you the shots. Maybe if you remind him if he does it for you he'll be more of a part of the cycle that way, maybe that will motivate him. The other vials in the Repronex boxes are the dilluent that you add to the Repro powder. Your dr will explain it all to you closer to the time for your 1st injection. My dr has me use 2 bottles of the Repo. a night (w/ 1 bottle of dilluent), so I have 1.5 boxes left over now, which is good I guess b/c if I have to do it again I can buy fewer boxes next time & save a few $$$. But hopefully I'll get my BFP & you and cmelissa will get yours too. I'm excited for Saturday actually. Thanks! I think my follies are listening to you, I've been experiencing "growing pains" today I think in my right ovary, just a few twinges now & again but I'm hopeful that that means the other 2 follies are catching up to the big boy. You want triplets huh? You are brave! I'm impressed. Not sure I could handle trips, lol! But I'd LOVE to be blessed with twins. I do the HCG shot tonight at 9. It's also injected IM like the Repro. My butt is looking foward to the end of its pin cushion days though. Ha!


KristRye - April 13

Do you have a lot of bruising from the injections? I am starting to get scared. I think that just knowing that my DH is going to do it freaks me out. You should have seen him do his lab work prior to the authorization of the IUI. LOL He is just not into blood and stuff. I used to work at a surgery center and so I was exposed to a lot of surgical procedures and it kinda facinates me. But, it makes my DH freak out. LOL As for triplets...,..Why not?? If it's only three then I won't have to buy a bigger house or a bigger car. But, once you get into the 4' you need more bedrooms and should I dare say it....."A MINIVAN" Yikes!!! Well, I hope that those little follicles are catching up....besides I heard that the fresher the follicle is when you get the LH surge the higher the quality of the egg. :) Not sure if that is how it works when you are being stimulated though...?? That was one of my problems....I wouldn't O until like day 20 of my cycle and the doctor said that is bad. :( Do you give the HCG yourself too or do you go to the doctor. My HCG injection looks like crack in a bottle. (Not that I really know what that looks like. LOL) But, it's just a really thin layer of powder in the bottom of this bottle.....I assume that you add the other liquid to it like you said. -- It's kinda good that you get left overs from your medication. It will help make your next cycle less expensive. Does your Ins. cover it? Mine covers it if I do the IUI but not the injections I had to pay 100% of it and then my ins will reimburse me if I have the procedure. They will pay up to 50% of the usual and customary....whatever that means. LOL Well, back to work I go. P.S. What do you do for a living? Are you going to stay home if you get your BFP??



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