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thayward7 - October 10

Just wondering if anyone has taken Repronex. I will be starting it in a couple of weeks and am a little worried about the mixing part. Smiles and Babydust... T


isa - October 10

hey thayward I take it along with gonal F and it is a bit to mix (timewise) but its not hard. Once they show you, take notes and then you'll be able to do it at home with no problems. I just take out the liquid in the needle up to the #1 line and then inject it into the powder vile, then pull it all up and put into the 2nd powder vile and then pull it all back in, switch to a small needle and inject in belly. It's really easy.


thayward7 - October 11

I'll be getting an informal "lesson" tomorrow. My RE is out of town - I travel there for my treatments... so a nurse will be explaining things to me here. How long does it take for the powder to disolve? I will be taking it along with Clomid. Thanks for your info isa! Smiles and Babydust... T


isa - October 11

it's pretty instantaneously. As you inject the water into the powder it goes into the liquid and is ready to be pulled back up into the needle. The powder is like in a pill kind of form in a little bottle and as soon as the water /solution hits it, it disolves. Good luck . I had clomid when I first started fertility treatments but it thinned my lining too much and so I dont use it any more. good luck with your "lesson"


thayward7 - October 11

The "lesson" went well - just confirmed what I had "practised"... The changing the needle part anyway! Now, I am ready. Come on AF!!! My lining was okay on the other 4 cycles I did with Clomid, but my RE wants to add the injectable to help with the quality of egg. Thanks for your help Isa! Smiles and Babydust... T


isa - October 11

no probs. good luck



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