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tanner789 - October 28

went to have my u/s today, and dr said i didnt even respond to the clomid. my follicles were 3-11mm on left side, 3-8mm on right side. he sent me to a fertility dr and they are getting me in nov 1st . what can i expect at a 1st time visit. i am afraid they are gonna delay starting any meds b/c i havent had my tubes checked yet ot anything will i have to have special tests done, what has been you past exp with fertility drs... please help, i'm not enjoying this journey were on as we try and conceive, and nobody i know can help me, havent been thought this before thanks in advance


ROBYN - October 28

Hi Tanner, I have been seeing an RE since February. Thats is correct that they wont just give you fertility meds without getting all the testing done. Including tons of b/w, and also your partner getting a sperm analysis and also getting B/W on himself. They then usually give you an HSG after all the results come thru with blood work and HSG the RE will usually go over your plan and discuss what he feels is the best route for you. I did Clomid for 4 months starting from 50mg - 150mg with the Ovidrel Trigger Shot. I only ovulated on 150mg. So maybe your just not on a high enough dosage and need an additional trigger shot to help you ovulate. We are now doing IVF this will be our first cycle. Our RE felt that to waist a ton of money on injectibles which are about 4000 a month he felt IVF would be our best bet. Tanner this whole process is time consuming and very emotional. Usually in the beginning its even worse because you have to wait to get the appts with the RE and doing all the testing take a while. Just try and be patient and hang in there. Good luck to you.


JenG - October 30

Hi, Robyn is right... but I did not do an HSG right away, I did that inbetween cycles.... some REs are different. But you can assume they will have you go through a month of testing before you begin. You are already on Clomid, and not sure if this was your first cycle of it? I only did clomid for 2 cycles with only 1 follicle developing, so they quickly moved me to injections thereafter. Normally, REs will not continue with clomid past 3 cycles if it is not producing the results.


Tink - October 30

my RE wanted to ensure i had all the testing done. luckily my gyno had already done 2 semen analysis on DH and the die test. plus i had done 4 clomid only cycles with her. so after reviewing my files and b/w, we dove right into our first IUI. although all the testing seems long and like it might set you behind schedule- it is worth it. it is better to know more about what the problems are and treat them properly instead of trying to rush and keep getting BFNs. i did 2 IUIs/clomid before doing my lap and i now think i should have just done the lap first. now doing iui with injectables, so we will see how that goes. just be patient, research it, listen to his suggestions and then dive in!



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