Replens as a safe lubricant?
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Delly - July 28

Has anyone ever tried Replens as a lubricant? Is it safe just like preseed to use? I need some quick and don't want to wait to order it online and wait 5 days, but CVS sells the Replens. If anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks.


D. - July 28

They claim to be like Preseed but no studies have been done on it . I don't trust anything that isn't peer reviewed so I would stay away from it. I would rather use actual eggwhites. I have.


j - July 28

ive read no dont use it. eggwhites my doc says can cause infections so be careful


D - July 28

There has never been a case of infection from eggwhites recorded anywhere in any medical record. In four years I've used them quite a bit and have never gotten one myself. Nor has anyone else that has told me they've done the same Granted, many women find it strange but it won't hurt anyone. Just make sure to keep the yolk from contaminating the whites.


Elizabeth - July 29

I have a book on getting pregnant fast and he says to use vegetable oil. Anyone have any success with that?


D. - July 29

Most of what I've read is that vegetable oil is not a good solution. Mainly because it's not water based/water soluble so the sperm have a hard time getting through it. I've never met anyone who ha actually used it so have no anecdotal evidence. Just what i've read. And you know how trustworthy that can be! Wish I had more of an answer. Sorry.


Sue - July 30

I was on a website for an all natural lubricant and it said not to use it, they suggested using either macadamia nut or advocado oil.



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