Reliable pregnancy tests and how soon?
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shan - March 14

Does anyone want to recommend a good reliable pregnancy test, and how soon after ovulation can you take them? Anyone had a negative result and then a postive days later? I am so scared to go through this again this month. I want a positive soooo bad.


michelle - March 14

have you done a test yet then shan? try they are cheap doctors ones, normally arrive the next day, not sure to US tho... do you think you are , fingers are crossed..
i'm so tempted to do one every morning, but i'm going to wait until day period is due if i can xxx


kc - March 14

Iwas told all preg test are the same you just pay for the name. They are all about 99%. I've had a neg test then afew days later it was poss, different people have different amount of preggy hormone in there bodies at the start. GOODLUCK


Jen - March 14

I did research on the internet on the most effective tests. There really is little to no difference between effectiveness. Some tests allow you to test up to 4 days before a missed period. I know what you mean about being scared. I took one again this morning and didn't want to even look at the results because I didn't want to know if it was negative. When I did it was negative again. I am sooooooooo tired of seeing a negative test result. I have begun to hate pregnancy tests just because they never seem to provide me with the answer I want. I know that is silly, but at least it gives me something to blame. It is the damn tests fault! :0)


michelle - March 15

i know how you feel jen... i've been there with preg tests and with ovulation tests they are always negative, but first month on clomid and was positive, only a week now til my period is due..
fingers crossed for everyone... xxxx
have you done a test yet shan, keep us updated xx


shan - March 15

i have not tested yet, i am trying to wait until i am due. I just am so scared to see the results.GEeeeeZ! I want a baby so bad.


michelle - March 16

yeah me too gotta wait,i would normally come on today day 23 but gotta wait til day 29 if i don't come on xxx



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