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David - January 10


My wife and I are trying to have a second child before the menopause arrives. Our fist child is a great little boy who was born when my wife was 38. She is now 45 and I am 46.

The thing is, for the last three or four years, my wife has found that in the months when we make love during her fertile days, her period always arrives early. She is convinced that something is starting each month, but that her system is somehow rejecting the embryo. In the months when we miss her dates, her period it absolutely on time, 28 days.

She has been to a fertility clinic, and has attended a leading fertility specialist, but no one has come up with any answers. Even If we KNEW what was going on, it would make the apparent monthly disappointments a bit more bearable.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Are there any steps we can take?

Thank you,



. - January 10

Any chance she might be starting to go through her changes? Have they checked for that?


RR - January 11

Although you are still young in life span, you may want to go straight to an ob/gyn or RE because if you wait to long they may not be able to help you. If a woman is over 35 and does not get pg within 6 months of TTC she should seek help is what most experts say. That would be my suggestion to go seek medical help ASAP so you do not waste any cycles.


dea - January 11

I agre with the posts above. Don't wait, time is precious. See a dr. right away. Go for IUI or IVF if you can afford it. Or- have them check her blood, do sono etc..All the best to you and your DW (Dear Wife).


Mega - January 11

I wanted to echo what Dea said about trying IUI/IVF if that's an option. Has she had blood work done? Had her progesterone levels checked? If there is an implantation issue like you all suspect, it could be tied to Progesterone or maybe uternine lining even. But as Dea & RR said, time right now is precious. Keep getting agressive with your drs. Good luck!



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