Regular Periods Without Ovulation
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krissy2006 - August 31

Is it possible to have regular periods 25 days apart for a year and have not ovulated the entire year?


skeeter - August 31

It sure is. I had regular periods for years and NEVER ovulated. My hormones won't allow it. I have to take medications to "make" myself ovulate. Period does NOT = ovulation.


Lucky717 - August 31

Great point skeeter! I am in the same boat. Try Clomid....should get those eggs popping out. =)


Bahootie - August 31

I have kept track since January and I too had 25 day cycles but my day of ovulation varied from month to month and one month I didn't even ovulate. I went on Chlomid and use a trigger shot to ensure that the eggs release. I hope this helps! Good luck.


J.D. - September 1

I also had to take clomid to ovulate,I am taking 150mg right now. My progesterone numbers went from 11 to 22 while on clomid.I think the gynos should tell their patients in the beginning that just because you have a period doesn't mean you ovulate.It would have saved me alot of grief ! Good luck to you!


slowpoke01 - September 1

here is how it was told to me. you can have a period and not ovulate but you cant ovulate without a period.pretty depressing i know to find out that you are not ovulating even when you have regular cycles. i ovulate on m;y own and they still put me on clomid. good luck to all


J.D. - September 1

Hey slowpoke ! It's Jen,how are you doing?


slowpoke01 - September 1

hey i am good how are you doing? have you gotten any answers on you post about femara? i thought that was you and i bumped it up so others would see it.


J.D. - September 1

Hey, i'm doing alright.Yeah i've gotten some answers it sounds alot better than clomid. I wish the doc would have put me on that to begin with.How do you bump a question up to the top?


J.D. - September 1



J.D. - September 1

lol......nevermind i figured it out myself!!!!!!!!!!!


slowpoke01 - September 2

yeah i dont blame you. if it has less affects on you then why do they just go straight to clomid? that is what i want to know. and all docs usually give clomid first.


J.D. - September 3

I know ,I have had some bad side effects with clomid(Depression,clots,mood swings.)


J.D. - September 4

Hey did everybody have a good weekend?


slowpoke01 - September 4

hey jd i went to the doc today for another ultrasound he still didnt see anything so i have to go back tomorrow and get another hcg beta. i think it is too early since i am only a few weeks for them to see anything on an ultrasound but who knows


J.D. - September 4

Hey slowpoke I didn't know they did ultrasounds that early either,did you have a good weekend?



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