regular periods and something wrong?
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carrot top - November 26

I was just wondering... my periods are very regular, every 26 or 27 days. Does a regular period mean nothing would be wrong with me? Has anyone had normal cycles and found out something was still wrong? If so, what?


Tracy88 - November 26

I don't hink a regular period means nothing is wrong. I have always been like clockwork, every 28 days. I have not even accidentally conceived in about ten years, I did three cycles of clomid that did not work, and then decided to have laparoscopic surgery to see what the hell was going on. The lap uncovered moderate endometriosis, cysts on my fallopian tubes, adhesions holding my ovaries down, polypoid tissue in the uterus, tons of just extra tissue in the uteran cavity, and a fibroid on the surface of my uterus. All I can say is, you never know what is going on in there without going in and looking. There was never any indication that anything was wrong per se. I did a cycle of injecatble hormones a month after my surgery and am now almost 15 weeks pregnant. I hope I answered your question. Good luck.


Tracy88 - November 26

OK, first line is supposed to say "I don't think..." and third from the bottom should be spelled "injectable". Sorry!!!!


carrot top - November 26

Thanks Tracy88 for you response. So even though you had a regular period you had all of that wrong? Wow. I always thought that if something was wrong it would mess up my cycles. We go on Monday to see about the dh sperm analysis results. If they turn out to be swimming ok then I guess the testing shifts to me! So you took clomid before any testing? Did they not do an ultrasound or anything before putting you on it? I'm just wondering whats going to be happening as we enter into this journey of infertility. I am very happy for you and your bfp though! I pray that this pregnancy is a healthy and happy one for you. Is this your first? God bless!


lovemy3 - November 26

Hi there, I have completely regular periods and have been ttc for almost a 1 yr. Good luck.


Katt - November 26

Hi CARROT TOP - I have always had regular periods-same as yours actually. I am on my second marriage and I have never been pregnant. Last November I found out I am hypothyroid. My current dh & I have been through a number of tests. I even had surgery (tubes clear and no Endo). We're both ok and been trying over 2 years. All I can recommend is try charting for 6 months or so then head to the RE if no pg. GOOD LUCK!!


carrot top - November 28

Hey guys, I know we haven't really been keeping this post up but I was wanting to let everyone I have started chatting with know that we went to the Doctor today and found out that my hubby has some lazy swimmers! He is below the minimum (38 million) and in the first hour they don't seem to want to move! They don't start swimming until about 3 hours later! So much for keeping my legs up for twenty minutes! So now I have to go and get tested to see if I am adding to the problem. I will let everyone know when I go to see the fertility doc. Thanks everyone for your comments!



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