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HELEN - October 12

Has anyone tried this to kick start there overies? I going for my first session tonight i've done lots of research but not actually talked to anyone who has tried it.Any response would be wonderful, thanks.


Mega - October 12

I haven't tried it myself, but I definitely would be interested in hearing what you thought about it after your first session. The theory behind it makes sense to me since the feet correspond to every part of the body. Just amazing! I hope it works for you! Good luck.


Sara - October 13

i have a friend who tries for almost 3 yrs to have a baby then she went to a reflexologist and sure enough she's pregnant. She swears by it. I may have to try it. Let us know after your appt.


HELEN - October 14

Well the experience was great very relaxing and geat for de-stressing. It's a long term thing so i'll have to go back once a week to reap the benifits so time will tell if I get any results but she's positive it will kick start my overies, so i'm temping and using opks this month to see if I do o, i'll keep everyone posted if positive results thanks for sharing your thoughts.x


Mega - October 14

Great! I'm glad your first session went so well, Helen. Since this whole ttc thing is sooo stressful, anything that destresses you & relaxes your body is a very good thing. I'll keep checking back to see when you get that BFP!!!


Nancy - October 20

The doctors here in the US will poo poo reflexology for infertility or anything for that matter because they don't want to lose the income, but in England whole reflexology practices are built upon success in infertility. The key to reflexology is you may go in for infertility, but in the course of the treatments your acid reflex problem clears up as does your weekly headaches and that kink you've had in your neck for years has gone away so at the very least, with reflexology your whole body gets a tune up and with any luck you'll get pregnant too!

Here is a link to a reflexologist in England who specializes in intertility just to get you started in your research. Reflexology is much less risky than some unproven product like ovulex.




Helen - October 20

I've had another weekly treatment last night and she concentrated on my overies and uterus as she felt they were ready ( due to them being sore as she massaged them) hopefully soon I will have some encougaing news.I connot stress how relaxing and bennifical it is to the whole body, she even worked on my chest as I have had a chest infection and low and behold I feel 90% better today.I also believe in postive thinking has alot to do with it.


HELEN - October 26

OH MY GOD. I had reflexology last night and today a poistive OPK!!!!!!!! So excited never had one in all these 5 months of trying. It must be doing some thing good Wish me luck.



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