Recent Laproscopy - When to expect period?
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TTC 1yr plus - December 7

i just had laproscopy to remove endo. for all of you who have had this procedure, when did you next period come? (please include if you were regular before the procedure)


NC - December 7

I had the lap done in Sept. to remove an ectopic pregnancy. Period resumed again end of October without the aid of drugs. I was regular with the help of fertility drugs previous to this.


BerniB - December 7

I had a laparoscopy in April - it was to look for endo, which they did not remove as the dr reckons it was only 'slight' endo.
It took 30 days for AF to arrive after laparoscopy, I am a pretty regular 28 day girl (only other time I have been late is when I had cysts burst in July 2003). I don't know if it makes a difference your having the endo removed, but I thought I might let you know my situation any way...sorry if this is not as helpful as you would have liked. I got pregnant three months after the surgery - not sure if it made a difference but we had already been trying for 18 months by the time I got pg. Lost the baby in Nov - have just started vitex as I have researched it and it may help with endo...time will tell. Not going to give up, as I truly believe that a baby will arrive eventually. Good luck to you :)


EB - December 7

I have also been for a laparoscopy on 11/11/05 for ovarian drilling and endo.Today is the 07/12/05 and I have not yet got a period neither did I ovulate so far.Ever since I stop the pill and started to conceive my periods have been irregular.I was put on provera to regain periods.Would anyone know what would be the reason if I dont get it within the next 2 weeks.My doc said to wait 2 more weeks and if nothing happens I must go back to him.Is a period guaranteed after a surgery like this?does ovulation occur after this surgery?


kc - December 7

I had a lap. on Nov. 9th. Af started on Nov. 1st. I was told Af post lap would start 6 to 8 weeks afterwards. Mine started Nov. 30, which was right on schedule. I guess it just depends on you. Lots of luck.



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