Really Weird Question
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Wondering - January 27

Not that I am trying to get pregnant ( Soon but not yet)... I have a statictics (sp?) question... I have been having unprotected sex for about 3 years now (withdrawl), If I haven't gotten pregnant yet, will it be really hard for me to get pregnant when I do try?? All the people I know that use this method (except one other person) have gotten pregnant within a year....


Jennifer - January 31

Actually is not as weird as you think. I used to think the same. I have an 11 year old son. I have been trying to get pregnant now for about 7. Last year I found out that I have a retroverted uterus. Dr. says thats why is a little bit more difficult. You should see your Dr. just to check and make sure everything is fine. It could be just bad timing. But If I were you I'll make sure.



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