really really really confussed????????
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keavy - June 6

hi there i wonder can anybody offer me any advice? I have been trying to get preg for a good few months now and nothing happening. My periods use to be every 28 days but in the last 6-7 months they range between 24-28 days. A couple of mths ago got ouv tests and used 10 and still hadnt predicted my surge. I dont seem to be able to tell when im ouv from my dis. as it looks the same to me at all times during the month???and the thing is I have 2 kids already and i really dont remember it being this hard?????can any body offer me any advice please?????


slowpoke01 - June 6

what days were you testing on because my dr told me to test on days 10-16 of my cycle it may be that you are ovulating earlier or later than these days most people ovulate around day 13 from the first day of their period also you can get a basal body thermometer and start charting your temps everyday when the temp spikes that is when you ovulate and if you have tried all this with no success i would suggest seeing a doctor because you may not be ovulating and they may need to put you on medication for it


keavy - June 6

hi thanks for your answer i started testing on day 8 straight through till day 18 and still nothing????


Ann1 - June 6

keavy, shorter cycles can be a sign of endo and it could also mean that your ovarian reserve is decreasing (i.e. your egg supply is getting low and your egg quality is declining). You should have your day 3 fsh tested to check for the ovarian reserve issue. If you are under 30, it is unlikely that you have a reserve issue, however.



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