really don´t know !!!
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andy - July 13

I don´t know if this is a stupid question ... but here it goes ... I know we have like 25 - 30 % chances of getting pg every month ... but... is thst with one egg (normal ovulation ) what will my odds be if I broke 4 follicles ???? .... thankyou very much


Tammy276 - July 13

You would obviously have a better chance of conceiving w/ 4! Yeah you! You also would have a higher possibility of conceiving twins! Good luck!!


andy - July 13

thankyou very much... you have no idea how nervious/exited/hopefull I am this is my month .... I hope God hears you !!!!! *-*-*-*baby dust *-*-*-*-*


Tammy276 - July 14

Well good luck to you...Why don't you come join us on the thread "Anyone ttc in July? Looking for cycle buddies" Or there is another one something like "Looking for cycle buddies, TTC July, Chapter 2". Something like that. It's nice. You can talk w/ a bunch of girls who are going throught the same anxiety/nervousness that you are about ttc! Good luck to you and hopefully we will see you over on one of them!! ( I'm routing for twins for ya!)


andy - July 14

wow Tammy ... thanks a lot ... I´ll shure go there !!!!



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