Really Confused
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Hannah - May 26

BabyO, I don't know where you live but I am sure there are health clinics that you can go to and see a doc or a nurse free of charge. You should be able to get care there! Good luck.


tiwana - May 26

i just started taking ovulex and my cycles don't come on time i have pcos and i take folic acids and a iron pill call ferrous so4 325mg so if any one knows about ovulex do tell


Melissa - May 27

So BabyO, I just read your post. I hope it is your month. Good luck and keep us posted.


BabyO - May 27

Hannah- I am sure you are right and I am looking into that now. THanks for the info.

Tiwana- Good luck with the Ovulex I hope it works. Keep us updated and lots of baby dust.

Melissa- Thank you so much. Pray for me. I hope this is my month. I will keep you updated.

Hey you guys, I just got two...actually three additional symptoms: Diarrehea (is that a symptom), a warm kind of hot feeling in my stomach and very emotional. I cried at work and I felt so embarranced. Also, my craps have gotten stronger, not enough to hurt me but I feel them. Well, I am praying. Baby dust to all!!!!!!!!


BabyO - May 27

Hey girls I am also getting like this burning feeling down there, what do you think it could be? It is not enough to be painful but enough to notice. Hope that makes sense.


Joey - May 28

You are not alone. I have experienced similiar things over the past year. I just started taking my temp this month and noticed that my hormones are really whacky so to speak. I too have had very long cyles and experienced the same symptoms . I too had negative pregnancy tests. I I currently have a thyroid problem and am taking med's for that. I think it is hormonal.... I cannot tell you exactly what hormnes may be causing this because I myself do not know. I have a appointment this coming tuesday and another one in 2 weeks to try and figure all of this out. But........ as soon as I find out something I will be sure to get back in this firum and let you know.


nicole - May 28

I am one to say home test arnt always right. I took 12 home test, all positive but they were wrong. All you can do is let time pass. As hard as that sounds theirs not much anyone can do without insurance. I have none and am paying $200. just for 10 min of a doctors time


Nancy - June 4

Hello BabyO, how are you? what happened to your check up? u said that u will be going to the doctor....any update?


sam - June 4

hey babyo, why don't u apply for the medicaid or medquest if they have it over there. i was on that and it really helped. take care and good luck, by the way, i'm trying to, my period isn't due until the 8th so good luck to both of us.


nancy - June 9

hello BabyO, what happened to you, any good news..?hope to hear from you soon



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