Real Egg Whites as Lubracant
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merlee - August 6

Has anyone here used real egg whites as a lubracant? I am thinking of trying it (Pre-Seed is pretty expensive). I would like to hear your stories, experiences.


Paula - August 6

Never heard of using the real egg whites may i ask who told you about that, and if you try it let me know if it works? Paula


Krystle - August 6

I have not personally used eggwhites as a lube. I use preseed. I have heard of a lot of women getting pg using eggwhites. There is a slight risk of infection but if you are not prone to infections I would say go for it. What do you have to lose?


D. - August 7

I've used them intermittently with preseed. Lots of women talk about the possibility of infections but you'll hear tht usually from women who've never done it. I've been doing it for 4 years and have never ever gotten an infection. Here's what to keep in mind: There have never been any recorded cases of salmonella poisoining becuase of using raw eggwhites like this. All cases of salmonella have occurred by INGESTING raw eggs. What you do is put the egg out about 1/2 hour before you will need it. Use a CLEAN syringe or baster ONLY. When you crack the eggs, make sure not to break the egg yolk. If you do, ditch the egg and get another. Use eggwhite only. Insert it just before you're gonna get busy in earnest. After, try using Instead cups (you can find them in the feminine hygiene section) to keep the little guys where you want them. And if this isn't too personal: Try to have your orgasm AFTER his, so that you can help draw the little guys in better. When done, make sure to clean the syringe or baster VERY THOROUGHLY to make sure you don't allow bacteria to grow. That's it!


Krystle - August 7

I have not seen any cases of salmonella poisoning either. But I have seen many many cases where women have gotten raging yeast infections. So when I say there is a risk of infection, I do not mean there is only a risk of salmonella poisoning. Granted a yeast infection is nowhere as dangerous as salmonella but it can certainly hinder your progress if you are ttc.


D. - August 7

Sorry, Krystle. That wasn't directed at you. I hadn't even seen your post. I will say that we need to remember that the yeast infection can happen with putting anything in there. YOu run the risk when you insert tampons, a diaphragm, spermidices, lubricants, you name it. The most important thing to keep in mind is cleanliness. If the ladies make sure that everything is clean. AND I MEAN CLEAN! Not just a rinse in some cool water and leave it there to air dry. Clean hands, clean tools, and I will bet the won't see any yeast infections again.


Krystle - August 7

no harm done =)


merlee - August 9

Thanks, everyone. I think I may try the eggwhites next month. The website I read about it sounded like everybody who tried it got pg the first time no matter how long they had been trying. I'm sure that is not the case, so I just wanted to see how many of the ladies here have tried it and had success, or not.



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