Ready to try injectibles & want to hear success stories!
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acattc - January 2

I found this link and loved reading all your success stories! I start injections with IUI this month as soon as I start my cycle. Which should be any day now. I would love to hear everyone's updates, and more success stories!! Thank you in advance!!!


4yrsTTC - January 12

I have been TTC for 4 yrs now and have had 2 miscarriages within this time. I have PCOS. In August I had a cyst removed from my uterus and began treatment in November 2017. Clomid 100mg CD3-7, metformin 500mg/day, 1 baby asprin/day, Ovidrel CD15, good follicle and timed intercoarse. No luck. December 2017 I did 150mg Clomid and Ovidrel CD 15, better follicle and TI. No luck. January 2018 50mg Clomid CD3-7, 100mg Follistim CD8-10. Today is CD 10 and was my last Follistim injection. I am being monitored closely and have an US tomorrow to check my follicles and to know when to take the Ovidrel. This is exhausting emotionally and physically. Good luck to you! I hope we both have BFP by the end of this month!



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