Ready to Try again-Really need your advice!!
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Melissa - December 19

Hi. I had a miscarriage in October and we feel that we are ready to try again. We will probably start trying around Christmas weekend. I have not stopped taking my prenatal vitamins as well as other vitamin supplements. I was wondering if anyone has any natural methods to help with conception and pre-pregnancy health? I am trying to do everything I can beforehand. My miscarraiage was a first and we did not do any testing to see what could have caused it. I was just hoping for some ideas on things I can do at home. Meditation? More vitamins? Aromaherapy??? No idea is too small or silly! I just want to do everything I can. I had no difficulty getting pregnant the first time. But this time, I want to do more planning.


ashlee - December 19

hey melissa. im so sorry to hear about your m/c. i know your pain as i too have had one (june) we started trying again september... still no luck as yet. as for pre-pregnancy health, all i can really say is stick to your prenatal vitamins and your other vitamin sups, as well as a healthy diet with lots of greens. thats all i can really say. maybe have your partner take some sort of suplements as well, and make sure he is eatin healthy too (if he's not already) so he can produce healthy sperm. that's all i can really say. i dont really know much when it comes to this sorta stuff. lol. sorry i wasnt much of a help. good luck in ttc again melissa!!! ~*~*~*~*


Been There - December 19

Ashlee and Melissa,

I too experienced a m/c this year, back in September. I honestly gave up on trying after that and didn't do anything different.
I think it was finally letting go of trying and just enjoying being with my husband (about as natural as you can get) that allowed it happen this time. As of now, I'm due end of July/beginning of August.

I know it's easier said than done, but try thinking more about just enjoying the moment and less about the outcome you're trying for. I've read so many storied about it just helping to be truly relaxed.

Good luck!


ashlee - December 21

much easier said than done. i keep having dreams that im pregnant. right now (in real life) im nearing what would have been my due date. last night i dreamed i was in labor.... it just really sucks. i wish these dreams would last forever and become a reality. each month is getting harder and harder. i dont know how much more i can handle. i feel liek im starting to go crazy


K - December 21

I used a DVD called Yoga 4 Fertility. You can get it from Amazon. It really helped me relax and I enjoyed it. Ashlee, I feel for you, and you are not going crazy. I had 1 m/c and I had a really hard time around the time of my due date too. We had tried a long time to get pregnant in the first place and then it took us eight months of trying with the RE after the m/c to get pregnant again . I thought it was never going to happen, but I'm 29 weeks pregnant now and we are extremely happy. The miscarriage is just a distant memory of something that wasn't meant to be at that time. My RE gave me great advice, he told me the usual stuff about how common miscarriages are and that it was probably just an unlucky fluke, and then he told me to look at the miscarriage as proof that I could get pregnant, and that there was no reason to think I wouldn't get pregnant again or that the next pregnancy wouldn't go just fine. Looking at it that way helped get me through the sad times.


ashlee - December 21

Thanks k. CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy. im really happy for you. i hope everything works our really well for you and baby ;o) You've given me hope, thankyou. What did you use to get pregnant? or did it just happen naturally? best of luck k!! xo


SaraD - December 22

Melissa-I have just had 2 m/c's myself within the past 2 months.I was told that drinking green tea helps make healthy eggs. If your like me you'll try anything.I wish you the very best and I am very sorry for you loss.


Melissa - December 22

To SaraD, thanks for the advice, yes, I will try everything! It's not that I had trouble getting pregnant. I took an at-home ovulation test, it came out positive, we had sex that night and conceived that very night, because we did not have sex again until after I had learned that I was pregnant! So it was easy the first time for us, luckily. I just want to gather all the various ideas that women have, even if they are "old wives tales". I just want to do everything I can from the get-go. Thanks again!


K - December 23

Ashlee, Unfortunately, we couldn't get there naturally. We have male issues which means we had to use IUI. The first time around IUI (several times) and then an HSG test was all we did (no drugs and I got pregnant in the 3 month window of increased fertility after the HSG) . That was after almost 2 years ot trying on our own (We kept thinking I was just overstressed since I had regular cycles- never crossed our minds it might be a male thing) and almost a year with the RE. The second time we tried a couple of months of Clomid and a couple of months of Femara with the IUIs to try to speed things up and a second HSG to try to re-create the conditions the first created (they never did find anything wrong with me and I ovulated regularly with regular cycles) with the IUI. We finally got there again after the HSG and while I was on the Femara and trying to do the yoga fairly regularly. How about you? Were you able to do things naturally? Good luck to you too! I know that things are going to work out great for you too!


ashlee - December 23

k, i did get there naturally. so its good to know that i can fall pregnant naturally (which i am so thankful for) i cant beging to understand what you guys are going through that havent been able to get there naturally. while its a plus i know i can fall pregnant naturally it still dosnt prove that i can carry a baby to full term. im glad it finally did work out for you. You must be over the moon. you deserve it! ;o) i wish you all the best with the rest of your pregnancy and birth. im sure everything will go just fine! congrats! if i dont fall pregnant before feb i will be going to t he dr in feb and they might run some tests then. hopefull i wont have to see the dr......
take care k, let me know how you are coming along ok.. happy hollidays!!!


K - December 23

Ashlee, I really feel for you, because when you say how you feel about things, I've been there and I can really relate. There is no reason to believe that you can't carry a baby to full term based on a miscarriage. I'm sure you've heard this, but estimates are that as many as 50% of pregnancies end in mis-carriage, and they place it so high because they think a lot of women may not have realized they were pregnant and just assumed they were having a bad period. Of all those miscarriages, only 1 to 2% of people experience multiple miscarriages. If you got pregnant naturally, you will get pregnant again and your chances of carrying that baby to term are very high. Like you, I freaked out worrying that if I got pregnant again, I would never be able to carry the baby to term or have a good pregnancy and my doctor told me there was no reason to believe that and most likely we just had the bad luck of getting pregnant in a cycle where there was a bad egg (everyone has some eggs that aren't perfect). If you are like me, you will be terrified for most of the first tri-mester. I couldn't let myself be happy because I was so scared the same thing would happen again. I started letting my guard down a little when our first ultrasound at 6 weeks showed a heartbeat and a strong one (something that didn't happen the 1st time and I was petrified at the ultrasound the 2nd time), and when I hit the end of that first trimester and things were still good I was able to let all the fears go and just be happy. You will be too! Happy Holidays !!


ashlee - December 24

k, you are so sweet. im so glad that there are other people out there that understand what i am going through and that i am not alone. (from this board i think its more a crowd!) your last post made me feel alot better than ive been feeling lately. so thankyou. my af is due pretty much any day now. i am getting cramping and my boobs hurt. (not overly) but usually they dont hurt before my af. i am really emotional ( but i think it just might be this whole not being pregnant thing getting at me - its been a bad month) im hoping so bad that im pregnant. it would be the best chirstmas ever. if im not i hope af dosnt show on christmas day because im scared it will make it the worst chistmas. (you know the whole emotional thing the day you get af) i just want to have a nice chrissy day. i completely knwo what you mean when you say you were completly freaked out when you were pregnant agian. (even though im not quite there yet) but i even worry about it now. im worried about waiting this time again, getting all excited and happy again, and having my hopes slashed and having to go back to square one again. i feel i will stress so much about stressing that i will cause myself to have another one. if you get what i mean lol. im so glad i have someone else to talk to aobut this. it means so much to me k. i will let you know what happens. xx


Claus - December 25

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!



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