Read this it could help
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leelee - April 29

I am preg about time and i swear by preseed i couldn't believe it it feels like a dream come true (PRESEED)it helps sperm flow good luck if you have any questions my name is lisa.


lolo - April 29

WOW i have to try that THANKS


Cutie - April 29

WOW Congrats! You know I also ordered pre seed as well as ovulex, hopefully it will get me to my dream. :)


leelee - April 29



leelee - April 29

I tryed for 3 months and it happened the 4th i thought it would happen the first time because everyone was getting pregnant so easy but than i read it could take from 6 months to a year my sister took 18 months i guess it depends on the person but preseed i swear that was the trick



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