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sona - January 18

I wanted to know if you can feel when the egg releases?
and how it feels?how soon can it happen after ovulation? PLEASE HELP!!! Also is it possible to O eariler when taking clomid for the first time?


Mega - January 18

I'm not a 100% sure about the first part of your question. I'd imagine some people can feel the egg release, but most people do not. The egg release is Ovulation, I'd say. But as for O-ing early during Clomid, yes it can make you O earlier than normal. That's why a lot of women with long cycles are prescribed Clomid. I HTH! Good luck.


sona - January 18

Mega thanks alot for your help.I think I O early.Do you know how early a hpt can show a + if your pregnant? What is HTH?


Chas - January 18

Some people will experience a twinge or sharp pain in their side when the egg releases. My sister says she can feel hers each month, that she knows when she is ovulating. To each his own, I guess you might if you pay attention.


Megan - January 18

At I found this info: At 10 dpo you only have a 35% chance of detecting a pregnancy (if you *are* pg) with a sensitive test (25mIU). In order to detect a pregnancy, implantation needs to have occured 3-7 days earlier. The earliest date I could find for implantation was 3 dpo (and that's REALLY early)--this is why most tests recommend testing the day of your missed period or the day after. 10 dpo : 35%........11 dpo : 51% (Note: This is the day the "early" tests recommend testing.)...........12 dpo : 62%...........13 dpo : 68%.............14 dpo : 74% (Note: This is generally the day of expected menstruation.)...........15 dpo : 80%........16 dpo : 88%...........17 dpo : 92%


sona - January 19

Thanks Chas and Megan the % help alot I just need to pay more att. to my O i guess. I will keep everyone updated on how the clomid works for me,again thanks ladies!


Lilly - January 21

Im on clomid to.Ovulation usually will occur 5-12 days after last clomid pills.This is my second round on clomid and I ovulated today.OPK was positive on my CD 13, 14 and today CD 15 had a lots of pain specially in right side this morning and after few hours its gone!As well this morning had very faint OPK two lines.Hope I ovulated and now Im waithing and praying to get a baby or two.Last nite and day before had BD had pain, a lots of discomfort and had to go to urinate 3 or 4 times during nite.You shouldnt test after last clomid pills for 3 days, becouse it can give faulty positive result.I started CD 9 or 10.I cant precisly tell when is moment of ovulation, I would love to know, but can feel approximately.Im naturaly ovulating so every month I can feel a bit pain, now stronger on clomid.God bless you and baby dust to all.



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