REACH clinic in Charlotte, NC?
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Melissabp - April 12

My ob/gyn has referred me to REACH in Charlotte, NC. Has anyone else been there? Any experiences to share?


JG24 - April 12

Hi Melissabp...we were referred to REACH by my doctor, and I am so glad that we went there! We tried to conceive for 3 1/2 years before finding out that we had male factor infertility (my husband's motility and morphology are very low). The doctor at REACH agreed to let us try IUI first even though he thought we'd have a much better chance with IVF. Well, I got pregnant from the first IUI! From what I understand, they have a higher success rate than the national average. We were very impressed with the doctors that we saw, the nurses, and the rest of the staff. Everyone was very professional and courteous. I am now 37 weeks pregnant with a baby girl, and my pregnancy has been great. I highly recommend REACH and I hope that you have the same quick success that we had. Feel free to ask me any questions you want, and good luck!!


Melissabp - April 13

JG24 thanks so much for responding. We have an appt on May 8th. I am 36 yrs old and have no children. I had a m/c August 2004, bighted ovum and another in August 2005, at 8 wks found that baby had died at 6wks. We have not gotten pregnant since. I have been on Clomid and femara even though I ovulate on my own. My ob/gyn and his wife went there also for IVF and he said it was the best place. At this point we have been dx as "unexplained infertility" so I can't wait to see what they say. I really would prefer IUI over IVF. Can you tell me what kind of test they did and also did you have to take any meds with the IUI? Can you tell me how much they charge for IUI? My ob/gyn is concerned about the risk of multiples with IUI, what did they about that? Thanks for all of your help!


JG24 - April 13

You're welcome! Basically, we went in for our first appointment/consultation, and it just happened to be the right time in my cycle for me to start the meds (they usually start on day 3, but it was day 4 and the dr. said that was fine too). They did some baseline bloodwork that day, and an ultrasound to check my ovaries. Then I took 5 mg of Arimidex that night (it's a drug that they use instead of's similar to Femara), and I started Follistim injections on day 6. (One thing I really liked is that most clinics seem to have you do injections in the stomach, but they let you do them in the arm.) They did more bloodwork and another ultrasound on day 12 to see how close I was to ovulation, and also to monitor me to be sure I didn't have too many follicles (I ended up having two, but only one was fertilized). The tests showed that I was ready to ovulate, so they had me take an hcg trigger shot (Ovidrel) that afternoon to bring on ovulation, and they scheduled our IUI for 24 hours later. They would have had me come back at 11 days post IUI for a pregnancy test, but we were out of town that week, so they told me to test on my own on day 13. As far as the charges, our insurance covered everything and we only had to pay a $30 copay per visit, but I believe the IUI itself was only a couple hundred dollars. Then there are extra charges for the ultrasounds, bloodwork, and meds, of course. As for the risk of multiples, there is a risk if you take the fertility meds, but they put you on small doses to limit the number of follicles that you have, and they monitor you closely with ultrasound. Like I said, I did have two eggs, but only one was fertilized. The risks are there, but they're small. We were very impressed with REACH, and I know several other people who've been there as well and were very happy. Both my ob/gyn and my husband's urologist had great things to say about them. I hope this helps, and feel free to ask anything else. Please keep me posted, and good luck!!!


Melissabp - April 13

Thank you so much!!!! I will keep you posted. I hope everthing goes well with your delivery. Please keep me posted too!


JG24 - April 13

I will...thank you! I am due May 4, but my DH and I both have a feeling that she'll be here the last week of April. I hope so!


meme1025 - April 15

I found out I had PCOS after having 2 early miscarriages in 2004. So my Dr. recommended that I see an Endocrinologist at the REACH clinic after undergoing several test it was then confirmed that I had PCOS. I started 1500mg daily dose of Metformin in March 2005 towards the middle of April 2005 I started to feel sick and didn't get my period (which was odd because I've always gotten a monthly cycle) I found out of I was pregnant at couple of weeks later and heard the heart beat I dreamed of hearing. I was told to continue to take Metformin until 12weeks of pregnancy ( Metformin helps with 1st Trimester losses) I made it to 21 weeks, unfortunately my water broke and I lost my son at 22 weeks on Aug. 28, 2005, I was devastated. I was told I had an incompetent cervix on top of having PCOS. Determined not give up I spoke with my Dr. about getting pregnant again, he said wait at least one period, I did just that Sept 2005 I got my first period after that I started taking Metformin again and a few weeks later I never got my second period I waited until about 2 months to test, I found out I was pregnant again in Nov. 2005. I was told again to take Metformin until 12 weeks and at 14 weeks I had a cervical cerclage stitch put in to support my incompetent cervix. Well today I'm 27 weeks pregnant with another boy and things are going well I was put on bed rest 2 weeks ago to keep pressure off my cervix. My Dr. is watching me carefully he says he will do what ever it takes to get me close to term.

Good luck to you all!!! Keep praying.


Melissabp - April 17

Well, It looks like I may not have to go the clinic, I GOT A BFP TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am calling my ob/gyn Monday morning. I will keep you posted.


JG24 - April 17

Congratulations!!!!!! I am sooo happy for you!!! Let me know what your doctor says tomorrow!



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