RE's in Canada???
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soimpatient - July 25

Do you know of any RE's in Canada? I am in the Toronto area and I am not happy with my OBGYN. I would like to start seeing an expert and I am wondering if anyone has any advice.


pdan - July 25

I can give you the name of my OBGYN. He's good and he can probably refer you to an RE. His name is Dr. Michael Sved and his # is 416-408-4248. Not sure if he's accepting new patients though. Good luck!


soimpatient - July 25



isa - July 25

The doctor I use at the fertility clinic is Doctor Soliman 905-896-7100 (msga) or brampton 905-453-8477. He is an MD FRCSC dealing with Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility.



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