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Mellie - April 25

We just had a consultation with Dr. Murot in Highland Park (near Chicago). My previous bloodwork indicated a borderline FSH day 3 (11.4). I also seem to have a luteal phase defect (PCOS) although I ovulate regularly.

He is recommending a cycle of monitoring and then 3 cycles of Clomid before trying injectables. Does anyone have experience with him? We really liked him. I'm just concerned that his approach may be too conservative given my FSH level.



whitey - April 25

Hi Mellie, i too have an fsh of 11.4. I had one failed iui last month and my doctor recommended that I go more agressive with my fsh level. Personally...i also didn't want to wast time because i'm not getting younger. I am not sure what the best protocal is for PCOS. Maybe he is recommending waiting b/c of that?


Mellie - April 26

Thanks for the reply, Whitney. I am 36. I'm concerned about time, too. May I ask what you are planning to do next?


Mellie - April 26

Anyone else have experience with this type of situation?


DB - April 28

Mellie, I live near Chicago and I saw Dr. Beltsos of Fertility Centers of Illinois (They have locations in Lindenhurst, Buffalo Grove, Chicago, and more that I can't think of). I have mild PCOS (I can't ovulate ever on my own) and got pregnant on my first cycle (with her) of Clomid 100mg, hcg trigger shot, followed by prometrium etc...Now, I have a 12 week old daughter =) She was a wondeful doctor in my opinion. I cant tell you to switch because I haven't been in your situation, my fsh was fine...good luck to you though!



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