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Mandi24 - June 22

hey betzy!!! what happened to you?? how did your RE appointment go??? Can anyone else please tell me about there RE experience on the first appointment?? thanks everyone


linds99 - June 22

I went to my RE in Chicago for the first time early last month. I showed her my temp information logged for the last three months and she talked with my husband and I. (We filled out forms detailing our histories before this meeting.) Then she did a full body (naked) exam. She checked breasts, hair growth patterns, lungs, and pelvic exam. Then she told me to call when I get my period. When I got my period two weeks later, they told me to come in on Cycle day 4...did the HCG test for pregnancy, checked for all kinds of diseases, checked for glucose, FSH, LH, testosterone, thyroid (there were like 11 viles taken from me.) Then I did an ultrasound of my ovaries and tubes. (I had lots of follicles growing on my ovaries-PCOS-but no pearl necklace (weird) anyway, two days later I did the saline hystogram (inject saline to look inside the uterus and check tubes. (They usually use iodine for this procedure, but I am allergic to iodine and this is the next best test). Then they scheduled my husbands blood test (he already had a semen analysis with my gyn-order so they just needed to check for diseases with him). SOOOO, we finally met last week to discuss the results of the last few week and they found all my blood levels normal and my husbands, our blood is compatible, his motility is low, and they think I have PCOS (the subset of it since I have everything normal.) She has decided to put me on clomid since I am not insulin resistant according to my glucose fasting test. I start that next week. I hope this information helps in letting you know how these things seems forever to get results back, but now next month we can try with help officially and maybe get results.


Betzy - June 24

Mandi, I am so sorry didn't respond sooner. The appointment went well and I liked the doctor very much. I made sure to have all my medical records and previous ultrasound at the time of the appt. I am actually in Florida as well (this is thier web site The doctor was very nice and thorough, she asked me all about my medical history and cycles. She told me that they normally do ultrasounds on the first visit , but in my case she would wait since I just had one on 5/19. She ordered lots of bloodwork (LH, Testosterone, FSH, Glucose, Insulin, Prolactin, DHEA, etc.) She explained everything that takes place during our cycles and what role each hormone has in it. The bloodwork came back and it turns out I am not insulin resistant, so she decided not to put me on metformin like I thought I end up taking. She asked me to start taking folic acid, encourged weight loss and prescribed prometrium in case my AF didn't come on time this month. I have not yet started but intend to start ttc in the next 2 months. She mentioned the use of clomid when I begin ttc. The nurse asked me to buy an ovulation kit (I bought the one with 20 tests), once I have an LH surge, I am supposed to call her and set an appt to have my progestrone levels checked. I hope this helps. How have you been? I hope all is well and hope that your experience with your RE is great. Once again, I am really sorry, I wasn't ignoring you.... Good luck and lots of baby dust!!!!!


Betzy - June 24

Hi Linds!



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