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Mandi24 - June 15

I am going july 19th to my first RE appointment.. And i was wondering if anyone else could tell me what there first appointment was like .. and what should i expect that day .. I am so excited.. and would love any information that anyone can give me .. Thanks everyone and i wish everyone the best of luck


nikki2204 - June 15

I wish I did, my doc is referring me to one as well, haven't set up the appt yet. You will have to let me know how it goes!! What tests and troubles have you had so far?


Mandi24 - June 15

i have had a HSG and vaginal and pelvic ultrasound.. and they have came back fine. and my dh has been checked and that came back fine. we are not getting pregnant and have been trying for several years.. and still no luck.


nikki2204 - June 15

Yeah, that was my problem too. Then, I went on Clomid for 5 months, then they found 2 large cysts. I had a laparotomy (like a c-section) to remove the cysts and they found stage 4 endometriosis, which is what was causing the infertility. Most women have alot of pain with endo but I didn't, so they didn't know it until they went in to remove the cysts. I am now on Lupron shots to clear the rest of it up off my ovaries. I am supposed to take 6 rounds of it but I have taken 4 and am stopping because of the horrible side effects. I hope it was enough. I wish you luck on your appt, please keep me posted on how it goes. Where are you from and how old are you?


Mandi24 - June 15

hey nikki,,, i am 24 years old. and i live in florida .. .what about you???
last year i did 2 rounds of clomid and last month and this month i have taken clomid. 100mg and so if i am pregnant this month it would be a blessing.. but i am not getting my hopes up. either way i am happy. i was seeing a obgyn.. for the infertility but she doesnt know what she is doing.. she is not monitoring me like she should and i dont like that..


Mandi24 - June 15

what kind of doctor were you seeing ??? the person that gave you clomid??


nikki2204 - June 15

Well, my original OB/GYN gave me the clomid. I switched to a new doctor who I LOVE, and he is the one who found the cysts and did my surgery. He is now the one giving me the Lupron shots and referring me to a RE.


nikki2204 - June 15

I just read your first comment, sorry. I am 28 and live on Ohio. Like I said, I switched doctors becasue I felt the same way you did, my first one was not monintoring me like he should have. I really like my doctor now though. I took 5 rounds of 50mg clomid...but I think that is what gave me my cysts so I don't think I will take it again. After this Lupron, I think I am done with medications for a while.


ROBYN - June 15

Hi Mandi I started seeing an RE in February. The 1st visit is talking with the doctor and giving him your complete history. Its a pretty extensive visit. I also had to have a complete physical while there. He also ordered a ton of blood work for both me and DH and wanted an SA from my DH. After all the results come back you go in again for a follow up and they discuss all the outcomes both of you and what their plan is for you. I dont know if that helps at all. Good luck.


Mandi24 - June 16

thanks robyn.!!!! this helps alot.. i am sooo excited!!! how is coming along on trying to get pregnant??? I think i have talked to u before... i am having all of my medical records faxed over to them and mailed. my husband is coming with me on the first visit.. it seems sooo far away til the visit i think i am just soo excited that i cant wait.. i should have done this from the begining.. i guess it is live and learn.. so what is ur RE doing for you?? i am going to one of the top 10 fertility clinics in the country. the doctor i am seeing is the first to ever freeze woman's eggs.. and hes the head doctor in the clinic. cant wait to hear from you .. and wishing you lots of luck


Betzy - June 16

HI Mandi! I have an appt with an RE tomorrow. I can check back in with you then and let you know what my first appt went. I have all my records ready and will be fasting so that they can draw whatever bloodwork they need.


Betzy - June 16

I meant to say what my first appt was like, sorry!


Mandi24 - June 16

Hey Betzy !!! Good luck at your appointment.. I am so excited for you... that would be great if you could tell me all about it .. thanks


ROBYN - June 16

Mandi24, I am sure we have spoken before too. I also got all my medical history faxed to them and filled out ALL the paper work prior to the appt. The appt was 2 hours long. I also am going with the top IVF clinics also. I live in Florida ours is called IVF of Florida. My doctor was the doctor that did the first test tube baby a while back. After all my testing, they ordered an HSG in February (that went well) since that time I was having difficulty getting AF they started me on Prometrium after the 1st month of that my periods have regulated which has never happened before. I attribute that to the Clomid. But anyway he started me on 50mg of Clomid with an Ovidrel Trigger Shot which is given close to ovulation. They do a CD2 ultrasound and estrogen levels, then clomid days 3-7 then on CD12 u/s and estrogen again then they determine the size of the follicles and check your uterus to see how the lining is. Then..... I usually go back the next day AGAiIN for another U/S and level check to see how big the follies get. THEN...... they ususally tell me to inject that night. I go back on CD12 for a progesterone and estrogen level check. That determines if you have ovulated. (which for me is the most important that is my only problem) There is timed intercourse then you wait... Well this is the completetion of month 3. The Clomid is now up to 100mg this month which was the best.dosage so far. I actually ovulated which was my only problem. Just to warn you there is ALOT of blood work all the time. So get used to that. For me my RE office has become a second home for us. My AF is due to 2 days. I continue to test it appears BFN. But they tell me its still early so who knows. Well now that I have bored you with my entire TTC saga. I wish you the best of luck. Also you can find me on the board TTC in June Part II if you want to join us over their. They are a wonderful group of girls and we welcome newcomers frequently. This way you can catch us up on all the new events going on. Talk to ya soon.


Mandi24 - June 19

thanks robyn for the information .. that will come in handy when we go.. Betzy??? how did your appointment go??? cant wait to hear from you ... hopeing everything went well for you.


Mandi24 - June 20

hey betzy??? are you around??? whated to check with you and see how your RE appointment went?? looking forward to talking to you


Mandi24 - June 22

hey betzy!!! what happened to you?? how did your RE appointment go??? Can anyone else please tell me about there RE experience on the first appointment?? thanks everyone



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