Rate of follicle growth on Clomid
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Mega - October 19

Hi! I had an u/s on Monday to determine the size of my follicles and the results were rather disappointing. My biggest one was still quite a bit under 10 mm. I was on Clomid 100 mgs last week, finishing up on Friday. Because my cycle was off to a screwey start anyway b/c of a cyst, my RE didn't start me off on Clomid til cd 6 or so. So I thought with that head start, I'd grow some nice big follies. Anyway, I have a follow up u/s tomorrow, to further monitor growth. We're going on vacation next week & I really wanted to IUI this
weekend. Anyway, what I'm wondering is given the info above, what are my chances of my follie growing to 16 mm or so in 3 days? I guess I just want to hear stories (good & bad) about similar situations. And does anyone know how long it typically takes to stimulate the follies with Clomid? Also, just for more backstory, I have PCOS & am also on Metformin. Sorry for the "novel!" TIA!


isa - October 19

Hi Mega, I started last month on clomid days 2-6 and shots day 7-10. my day 10 ultrasound showed 4 follicles on the right 24mm, and 3 at 15mm and then 1 smaller. by the next day they were at 29, 26 or 24 and 2 at 20mm. They made me trigger on this day and did my iui's the next 2 mornings. I dont think i ovulated til the morning of the 2nd iui. Hope ive helped some.


Mega - October 19

Thanks Isa! That's great that you had such nice sized follies, and since they grew so fast in one day, you have given me hope that maybe tomorrow's u/s will bring better news. Hopefully I'll have similiar luck.


isa - October 19

good luck tomorrow, unfortunately i didnt get pregnant from those so i'm doing it all again this month.


Mega - October 19

Thanks! I'm sorry you didn't get a BFP with those really big follies. Good luck with this cycle. Hopefully this will be your lucky month!


annette - October 21

Good luck to you Mega!. my doc says follicles may grow about 2mm a day. but mine seemed to be slow. they grow only 1 mm a day even after my 150mg clomid. that was quite disappointing. but i get my surge a few days later than the predicted day.


Mega - October 21

Thanks Annette. How frustrating that your follies grew so slowly, but at least you did get your surge. That's what counts. Good luck!


gigi - October 21

hi frnds on clomid, as i have to start clomid tomorrow i am little concerend ,why doc prescribed me clomid even though i ovualted every month as tested in opk. But she said i need to give u.whether it will help me or not? Or may be i have some other problem.I had my HSg,blood test(tsh,lh,fsh )but i dont think doctor checked my progesterone level. or fsh,lh level is progesterone level? i have no idea,i have appointment next month.My hubby's sperm count is good,,,,,i dont no whats wrong.i am asking myself why i waited so long to conceive i shud have started soon after marriage. i am ttc 7 mths...


Mega - October 21

Good luck Gigi! There are several reasons drs prescribe Clomid, annovulation (like me), short leutal phase (LP), to produce a better quality of egg, etc...Clomid is often a first step fertility drug, it sounds like you're what they call unexplained infertility, and Clomid is used a lot in cases like yours. Typically with great success. Keep us posted on your first round of Clomid. Babydust!



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