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apple - June 12

Hi, so (in a nutshell) my boyfriend and i decided to have a baby, and on deciding this i realized i dont know much about ovulation and everything. I dont really understand what day your cycle starts, the first or last day of your period? If i got my period on June 1st, then what day would i ovulate? thx so much.


Shauna - June 12

Hi Apple....It is different for everybody...but (in a nutshell)...first day of period is CD1 (cycle day 1) you count from there til next period. So if you get period on 1st of June and then again on 29th of June then you have a 28 day cycle (the 29th is now CD1) RIGHT!!! You can chart your O by buying a basal body thermometre and taking your temp. ever morning before you get out of bed. When your temp goes up alot (usually near the middle of cycle) then you Od most likely. A great way to learn about all sorts of body stuff is to buy the most wonderful book I have ever read (your mom probably never taught you this stuff before) The book is called....TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR FERTILITY...It has software for your computer and everything...it is great...alot of woman on these forums have it....good luck apple.


slowpoke01 - June 12

most women ovulate between days 11-16 of cycle i usually ovulate on day 13 as do most women but there are some exceptions so you can also buy ovulation predictor kits i bought like 60 of them that came with 10 pregnancy tests off of ebay and start testing like from day 10 until you get a dark surge line and when you get that dark surge line you are ovulating and you should have sex around that time so if you got your period on june 1st you should ovulate around june 13th formost women but to be for sure you should use ovulation kits or chart your temps like shauna has said you should test from june 10th until you get a surge


Tammy276 - June 13

Everyone is different. It really depends on how long your cycle is. Most women have a regular cycle 28 - 33 days. My cycle is somewhat long 38 - 45 days, so I don't ovulate until like cycle day 20 - 27. It differs for everyone. You could by Ovulation predictor kits. They will tell you when you are ovulating and it will help you alot if you don't know much about it!! Good luck!!


apple - June 13

well my cycle is around 32 days long, i dont expect it to happen right away, but you can only hope right? Thanks for answering it was helpfull and i definitly will be keeping track and looking for the signs and whatnot. Thanks so much!



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