QUICK Question about AF flow. .....please answer
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jen - November 30

i am ttc for none months with no success. my af is irregular sometimes my cycles are short sometimes longer. i am wondering if my af flow is normal. it gets very mucosy-(reddish) but mucosy -like you can spread it apart. IS THAT NORMAL---or maybe that could be the reason why i am not pregnant yet --that i am full of mucos?


Mega - November 30

I'm not sure about the AF flow issue, but the fact that you are irregular is the most likely reason you're not yet pregnant. Have you spoke to your OB yet? They can run some tests, do some bloodwork to confirm the reason for the irregularity. Also, are you sure you're ovulating? You might not be. Have you ever charted BBT? It takes a few months to establish a pattern, but it can be valuable. As for the AF flow though, is it always mucosy, or just mainly in the begining? I get that a bit in the begining but it becomes regular flow after that. I'd definitely recommend discussing your irregularity with your dr. though. Good luck. I HTH!



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