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guest - February 23

Hi im just wondering if someone could help me out. Well i started spotting on the 20th and so far it hasnt really been a flow at all. Sometimes its heavier spotting but just on and off. I had 1 bout of nausea last night, alittle sore bbs and my nips seem reddish? Thats about it but i just checked cp and its high soft and open. I thought when af came it lowered and hardened? I have an appointment with infertility specialist in 2 weeks because he doesnt think im ovulating so i didnt use opks this month and dont know if i did or not. And my cycle is usually 2 1/2 months but its only been 45 days since last af. Does anyone think i could have ovulated this month or is this just a weird af?


pinky - February 23

With this long cycle it's hard to predict any thing for me. In my case usually spotting starts from 7 days before AF. And observing Cervix is not reliable to detect pregnancy (good to detect fertile time though). I always think this time it's more higher and like soft like pair but doesn't help. I don't want to break your hope but this process is really confusing. Usually after ovulation your body starts preparing for pregnancy (Higher level of progestone) even if u r not pregnant and it's just breaks near to the ovulation. I can not compare your cycle with mine but I have seen one cycle length which has ovulation on day 65 and got pregnant. you can see her chart at this web site. http://www.ovusoft.com/ourtcoyf/gallery/g
the best.


pinky - February 23



guest - February 24

Pinky thanks for the comment. Day 65? That's strange but great. Anyway I guess asking if its possible to be pregnant is like taking a pregnancy test (for me at least) because i always get af in full force lol. Thank you.



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