queston on my period??confused!!
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Anny - November 21

now i want to know if this is normal....every time i get my period i get it a day before the previous month like for example i get it october 27 then november 26 then decemebr 25..get it?lol.....sorry i just wanna know is that normal?


Anny - November 21

can any one help??


Shauna - November 21

If that is what happens to you then...its normal. I used to get mine the opposite way Oct 27, Nov 28th etc.... I dont see anything wrong with that for normal.


emaan - November 21

As long as you get your periods it should be ok..the problem is when you dont get them or they are irragular than get yourself checked .....


Anny - November 21

thanx..i was just worried cuz i wasnt sure if that was normal...thats funny shauna u get it the again girls


slowpoke01 - November 21

anny- it depends on when you ovulate. if you ovulate earlier then you will get it earlier if you ovulate later then you will get it later. it seems like you may have a 31 day cycle. so that is perfectly normal. start counting from the first day of your period and count 31 days and that should be the day you start every month. keep in mind that it may change a day or two here and there depending on when you ovulate. my doc says that 28-31 day cycles are normal. if you are really concerned about it then talk with your doctor. good luck



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