Questions on Ovulation
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cspears99 - December 26

Soooo have been ttc for over 2 years we are currently on a break, my period was 2 weeks late last month and had to have a Provera shot to start it, that was almost 4 weeks ago my a/f is due on the 1st if it comes back to schedule again, I tested my ovulation when I was supposed to be around the 14th and it was positive, but today had discharge like I do when I ovulate and tested postive again, does it have anything to do with the Provera or is my body just out of whack?? has anyone ovulated more than once a month?? thanks Cheryl


slowpoke01 - December 26

cheryl- hey just wondering if you bded around the time of ovulation. the reason that i ask this is because if you get pregnant the opk's will show a positive when the hcg starts to rise. i know this for a fact because i have had trigger shots and i use the opks to know when the hcg trigger shot is out of my system. while the hcg is still in my system it will give a + on the opk. good luck.


slowpoke01 - December 26

also the doc said that the hcg shot will give you a + hpt. hcg shot is the same as the hcg hormone that your body produces when you are pregnant. dont know if i have been any help. also sometimes you can get a mini surge and not actually ovulate until later in your cycle but still get a + opk so that may be what happened as well


cspears99 - December 26

Hi we did bd and with knowing that the opks can do that I took a preg test and it was a BFN :-( we are starting injections once my a/f gets on track hopefully Jan or Feb, do you know if the provera shot messes with your ovulation?? its so strange I feel like I have been ovulating all month, thank you for your help!! :-)


newmommy - December 26

Hi cspears! I'd BD these next few days just in case. I haven't heard any mention of provera causing +opk's. I don't think the hormone that they are testing for (LH) is in the provera shot. It sounds like maybe you surged the first time but maybe didn't actually "o" that time, so this may be it for you. I hope so---good luck!


cspears99 - December 29

thanks for your answers, well we bd so lets see!! we are starting injections hopefully in Feb, wouldn't it be nice if it happened naturally after 2 1/2 yrs!! best wishes to you both!! :-)


slowpoke01 - December 29

cspears- it is possible to have a surge and not actually ovulate until later in your cycle. that is probably what happened to you. you probably had a minisurge the first time and didnt actually ovulate and then you got a 2nd surge. hope this works out for you take care.


tonyaandjoe - December 29

on what days do most people o on. i do not temp or anything like that.i just wondered.


cspears99 - December 30

Hi O is different for everyone it depends on your cycle? I am 31 days and normally O on the 15-17 day well those are they days that show I am anyway, but the last couple of months not on any meds I have been showing day 23-25 so I think everyone is different, that is why being on clomid or Gonal-f helps to control the O, good luck!! :-)



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