questions about hsg test...
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infertility - February 27

I am getting an hsg done later in the week and wanted to know how long you girls spotted after. Also how painful is it,I am scared!! I will be taking 2 vicodin and a valium...


Dana - February 27

I would definetly take some pain killers before going in. I didn't and it was quite painful. I bled for a couple hours after . They explained it to me that it's like you're in mini labour because you're body is trying to push out the dye. After 3 hours the pain was gone. It's like extemey bad menstraul cramps!! The test itself didn't take long.Hope all goes well.


ST - February 28

I only took 2 advil about 30 minutes prior and was fine..mild cramping followed but not as bad as menstral cramps..probably would have felt worse if I had not taken the advil..Vicodin seems a little strong for HSG, but I guess it probably depends on how blocked your tubes are or what your particular situation is.. I was scared too..but the test was short and the worse part was the radiologist never told me what was going on. I had to wait until the end of the day to get my results...Hope all goes well!


sarah st.marthe - March 11

it was not to bad going to have the hsgexam.


[email protected] - April 5

that is plenty i had one last week it realy isnt that bad


Lisa - April 11

I just had one done today,...and it's nothing worse than a pap smear. It was not painful for me at all,...maybe slightly uncomfortable, but nothing major at all.


??? - April 25

Do I ask my obgyn for this test or do I have to go to a fertility clinic.



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