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katy - September 21

I haven't seen anything in the discussion about herpes and pregancy. I was diagnosed with herpes last year, getting it from the ex husband. The new husband and I are trying for a baby. My period started late last night and now i am having a slight outbreak. I am to take clomid on days 5-9 then have intercourse on the 13-16 days. I am taking valtrex now to get rid of this outbreak, 1000mg for 3 days. Any suggestions on making it go away quickly and does anyone else have this problem?


me - September 21

Unfortunately the timing is bad for you. The only thing I can suggest is using a condom, with a hole at the tip only, to prevent your hubby from getting it. I heard stress can cause outbreaks, so try to relax for the future. Other than that, it has to run it's course. Keep with the Valtrex and use it as a preventitive future outbreaks. Good luck!


jesse - September 21

hi there, my freind has herpes, and they told her when she does decide to get pregnant this can spread quickly to the baby during delivery, so you should precaution and see what you can and cant do check with your dr. it never goes away, theres no cure, just control of it.


Rowan - September 21

I had to take some medial courses during college and you are not suppose to have a baby vaginally if you have herpes. If you do, it could cause the baby to get it and one of the side-effects could cause blindness. That's really all I know about that.


To Katy: - September 21

Great question! When I went early this year for my first round of blood work, they returned "in range" hormones but a positive - mild but positive HSV-1 antibody count.... Meaning that I have a low count of Oral Herpes (HSV: herpes simplex virus). I was CRUSHED! I have never, ever in all my 29 years of life had a "herpes" "cold sore" "outbreak" etc... So this was a shocker to say the least! My RE said not to worry at all as 70%+ of the human population has HSV-1..... Wow!!! Now HSV-2 (genital herpes) is a lesser statistic - affecting 30%-40% - as I don’t have that virus - I cant help you... I can tell you though, that I understand enough to know that someone with an HSV-1 infection / outbreak can perform oral on someone "clean" & give them HSV-1 genital infection & vice versa (genital to mouth) also, people with Herpes are more susceptible to immune function complications (sickness, HIV etc)… - Try taking a power dose of Echinacea & Vitamin C daily throughout your TTC journey as it will only help your chances & prevent outbreaks - also, to help with your current episode, clean your affected area thoroughly with Tea Tree Oil - it's an anti-infective, natural astringent with anti-inflammatory properties… Now this is strange but apparently sworn by – If you’ve done Herpes research – you would know that the World’s largest contained infected population is the people of Australia. It is said that 80%+ are HSV-2 positive!! Austrailia’s government is one of the largest supporters / researchers of Herpes & The HSV virus…. Look into it. They surely have referrals for Genital Herpes carriers seeking motherhood! Okay – here’s the strange but sworn by natural remedy - Women claim that by douching with a standard medicated vinegar douche infused with 3 droppers of Tea Tree oil helps to speed up recovery time, heal abrasions, relive discomfort & prolong a recurrence….. Now, like I said, I’m not a Dr. so do what you will with the information but I remember coming across this & thinking wow?! Best of Luck to you – BABY DUST!!!


To Katy x2: - September 21

& YES - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE know & be expecting to deliver C-section as it is not safe for vaginal delivery. Not b/c you can pass it to your child because HSV is a VIRUS - it is in your BLOOD - your child WILL have HSV regardless... The risks for normal delivery vs C-section are taken to ensure you do not have an outbreak & contaminate the childs skin, eyes etc... There are serious ricsks that include death to children who are born vaginally to a mother with a infection as like i said, immune system is the big issue here & a newborn doesnt have one to figth a live external virus infection at birth. There are pictures & references online to research this. I strongly suggest you do so in your journey TTC. God Bless & baby dust -


TC - September 21

Can you take Valtrex while pregnant? Check the web site


LUC - September 22

what about hpv (genital warts)? is the same true with a c-section?


me... - September 22

before anyone scares you into a c sec ...i just took valtrex daily in my last month of pregnancy....if you dont have an outbreak the baby cannot get baby is now 1 and very healthy.....people need to know before they speak! good luck girl.../btw my son has no virus


me...again!!! - September 22

btw my son has no virus the only way herpes is spread is skin to skin contact of an open abrasion!!!!!


to me - September 23

Thank you for sharing your experience. My outbreak is just about gone. I bought the tea tree oil and it works great. I also bought vit c and lysine supplements. lysine is supposed to help stop the replication of the virus. i was worried about having the baby with this issue. I am glad to know that there are ways to control it. Thank you again. You have settled my nerves and worries. Thank you to everybody else that answered esp the girl who recommended the tea tree oil.


me - September 24

no problem! my dr just had me take valtrex once a day to supress the i said the baby will not contract the virus.....only if his or her genitals touch your open abrasions if you have one...thats the only way you would have to have a stay calm, dont stress, and have fun babymaking!!!


to me and others - September 25

If you read the package insert on Valtrex, it does not stop the transmission of HSV II, but reduces the breakouts. Besides that, how do you know that you are breaking out if your blisters only occur on your cervix??? You can still pass HSV to your partners, or babies. HSV is not only a concern to your babies genitalia, but also to their eyesight. Every hospital you deliver at will put an ointment in your baby's eyes shortly after delivery to prevent HSV transmission from the mother's vaginal canal to the babies eyes. This ointment is not 100%. I would recommend at least talking to your doc about c-section. It almost completely reduces the risk of transmission because the baby never passes through your cervix. Most of the time, you are completely awake with only an epidural, and you can see your baby right after he/she is born. As far as HSV I is concerned, 75% of the US population has an antibody to this virus. This means that they have been in contact with it, even though they haven't had a cold sore, etc. This is normal. HSV II is the one that is commonly known as genital herpes. I hope this helps you. Make whatever decisions are right for your and your baby.


me - September 25

outbreaks are on the outside...not your cervix...ive had it for 5 yrs and 1 baby...i think i know


Jill - September 28

I am 22 weeks pregnant and have had herpes for 2 years. The doctor told me not to stress about giving the baby herpes. She said I will go on valtrex at 36 weeks, and when I go into labor she will check me for an outbreak, and if there's no lesions I will delivery vaginally. I can even treat my outbreaks (after first trimester) with valtrex. It is very rare that a baby contract herpes from the mother, and most of those cases are when the mother contracted herpes in the third trimester, or didn't know she had it. If you're worried check this website's very helpful.


me - September 28

thank you jill...i hate when people try to scare you when they dont even know what they are talking about...thats exactly what my dr did....


me - September 28

thank you jill...i hate when people try to scare you when they dont even know what they are talking about...thats exactly what my dr did...the valtrex at the end of my pregnancy.and all is great with my baby boy...



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