questions about having HSD done
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jgandy - January 4

I'm having an HSG done next week. I'm planning on just taking off half a day from work. Will I be able to go to work in the afternoon after having it done?
I don't want to be at work in a lot of pain.


aish - January 4

i felt pain for few minutes & later on i was depends....u can take pain killer also....


aish - January 4

good luck with ur HSG


Mega - January 4

Jgandy--I agree with Aish. For me too, it hurt (quite a bit) during the procedure but after it was over I didn't hurt a bit. Expect a little spotting, but that's it. I went back to work afterwards & felt 100% normal. To help with the cramping, most drs suggest taking 3 or 4 advil or motrin about a 1/2 hr, to 1 hr before hand. It takes the edge off, but it's still quite crampy but like I said, for me, only during the actual procedure. Good luck! While it's not fun, it's a very important test to have done.


Tink - January 4

i agree, you should be able to return to work. mine was very painful, as my uterus is tilted and they couldn't get the catheder in my cervix since it is so small (this was an IUI problem too- the nurse said she never saw one so small- !). it was painful during the procedure, but tylenol helped. I did it in the afternoon, so i was home afterwards, but i could have gone back into work. the only time i needed to take a full day off for my fertility stuff was when i had my lap. good luck. and btw- i expected it to be more painful than it was. it hurt, but wasn't as bad as i expected.


nans_n - January 4

hi just want to share with you my experience with my HSG, i had it done last dec 29, it's not really that painful. I've read a lot of post and that really scared me to death before my appointment, but i can tell you that the procedure usually take 5-10 minutes only depending on the dr. then when the dr will insert the dye you will feel something like a pinch and then just like other ladies here said you will have a mild spotting. It's like similar to pap, so don't worry too much I know you can handle it. Good luck to your HSG.


Mellie - January 10

Does your RE do this or does a strange/different doctor do it? I may be having one soon and I hope my RE can perform the procedure.


Mrs. Atacador - January 14

Jgandy...I have had an HSG done and for me it was VERY painful during the procedure and after I had a little bleeding. It is sore for a little after but it goes away the best thing to do is take a few advil or something also my doctor gave me some medicine to help with the cramps cause you will have some. Well good luck I hope all is well. Also if you are TTC now it is important to have sex right after this cause (if your tubes are clear) they will be open which makes it easy for the spem to get in. I unforntunatly had no luck but I have heard alot of stories where it was succesful. Good luck and God bless....Mrs. Atacador



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