Questions about Cysts resulting from Clomid
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lady-in-waiting - December 8

I have just finished my second round of 100 mg Clomid (days 3-7), shot of follistim (day 9) and Ovidrel shot (Day 12). I went for my day 3 ultrasound in preparation of my third cycle with these drugs and the technician found sizable cysts (one each on both ovaries / approx. 20mm). I now must sit out this cycle and was handed a prescription for bcps to take for 21 days. They said that these hormones will help me get rid of the cysts more quickly. My question is this: How will the pills make them go away more quicky? is it really necessary to take them at all? I'm wary of ingesting more chemicals right now. Will the cysts delay my next period? At which point in the cycle will the cysts shrink? Can they grow more in this follicular phase? Thanks.


MNMOM - December 8

I also got a large cycst on each ovary from Clomid. If you don't conceive that cycle, the cysts will usually dissovle with your period. If you do conceive (I did) the cysts stay with thru the first trimester and they are darn painful!


linds99 - December 8

I took Clomid for 3 months, last August I sat out a cycle due to cysts that were larger than yours 23 and 32 mm. They went away in three weeks. These are follicular cysts that grow and over stay their welcome. And I never took BC to get rid of them. I still got my period the correct time too and started the next month with another clomid cycle, and the cysts were gone. Don't worry.


lyric - December 9

Hi All. I too was diagnosed after my first round of clomid with a 2cm cyst on each ovary. Is this considered small or large? Could I still get preg. with these cysts? thanks!


lady-in-waiting - December 11

Thanks for the good info. I decided not to take the bcps, as they only prevent new cysts from forming and have not much effect on the ones that are already there. Sonce I've never had problems (that I know of) with cysts before, I'm guessing I won't be growing new ones on a non-Clomid cycle. I'm glad to hear that they went away quickly, Linds! Hopefully that'll be true for me, too. MNMom: Thanks for the heads up on GETTING pregnant with cysts. I thought they might linger for a while if that were to happen. Well, I guess I'll just enjoy the chemical free cycle this month and get back to the regimen next month -- which will be follistim and not clomid this time.



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