Questions about cysts?
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rjrmi - November 2

I had a miscarriage on Sept. 17th and when they did the ultrasound they found that I had cysts on both of my ovaries. I just had a follow up ultrasound today and....the cysts are still there. It has been almost two months and they are not going away. Does anyone know if cystics can affect ovulation? I am wondering if my first pregnancy was a lucky flook. Could the cysts have had anything to do with the miscarriage?


linds99 - November 2

I'm sorry about your miscarriage. The likelihood that the cysts contributed to the miscarriage is not as likely as the fact that the embryo probably had some chromosomal abnormality or did not fertilize properly. Have you been tested for polycystic ovarian syndrome? These women, including me, are more susceptible to miscarriages and ovarian cysts. If you have this issue, it is likely these cysts are just estrogen producing cysts that generally go away after a few cycles. They are caused by an imbalance of hormones, mostly elevated androgens, and testosterone.


rjrmi - November 3

Thanks Linds. I am waiting to hear back from my doctor. I just saw the ultrasound technition and she wouldn't tell me anything. Do you know if polycystic cysts affect ovulation?


linds99 - November 3

Yes, it contributes to anovulatory cycles. Doesn't mean you can't get pregnant, just means it may be harder, take longer. Let us know what your doctor says. Too many cysts on an ovary can crowd the ovary and impair ovulation too. Also, it can cause your eggs to have too many eggs luteinized and estrogenized at the same time, at the expense of having one good egg develop like a normal woman, so you may need clomid or other med help to get your LH, estrogen levels to cooperate with development of eggs. Good luck.



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