questions about cramps? PF or AF
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gigi23 - February 3

Okay.. i jsut posted beofre about IUI and Clomid.. well tomororw i'm due for AF scared to test, but for the past 3 days i have been having cramsp, lower admondal.. anyone have htat and was PG?


Judi - February 3

Yes, I did. I had cramps exactly like the ones I get during AF for the two days before I tested positive. I had an IUI as well, and my first one worked. (Also, I tested positive the day before AF was due.) I continued having those cramps for about the first 10 weeks of my pregnancy, and my doctor said that they're normal. Good luck and let me know what happens!!


gigi23 - February 3

Thanks.. At least now i feel like i have some HOPE.. How come you had to go for IUI.. how far along are you? Congrats


Judi - February 4

We did IUI because my husband's sperm have motility and morphology issues. He has a high overall count, but most of them are sluggish or dead, and a large number are abnormally shaped as well. The doctors didn't think that IUI would work but agreed to let us try it. They were stunned that it worked on the first try. I am now 27 weeks with a baby girl. The ultrasound looked perfect and she seems to be doing very well. Have you tested yet? Good luck and baby dust!!


gigi23 - February 6

Hi .... still getting cramps but afriad to test.. UGH... day 34


Judi - February 6

Gigi, I would go ahead and test. I definitely understand being reluctant to, because I had 3 1/2 years of BFNs before we finally conceived, but if you're this far past the date AF is due, there is a good chance that you may be pregnant. How long is your usual cycle? For a week after I tested positive, I still had a lot of cramps every day, and I kept checking to see if AF had started, but it hadn't. Does your RE not want you to come in for a blood test? Mine would have done a blood test at 11 days after the IUI, but we were out of town that week, so they told me to test on my own at 13 days. They did a blood test as soon as we got back, and then another one three days later to make sure my HCG level was rising as it should. Keep me posted!!


gigi23 - February 6

thanks guys for all your support but AF jsut showed up.. i'm so depressed. i feel like i need to leave work!!!!

Thanks again!! Going on round 3!


Judi - February 6

Gigi, I'm so sorry. I was really hoping for a BFP for you. Good luck and lots of baby dust for this month.



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