questions about 1st IUI and Day 21 progesterone
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tbtemplet - May 7

I had my first IUI on April 27th. I have 28 day cycles.
I had bloodwork done on day 21 which was May 3rd. My progesterone level was 49.8. Is this good?
I am now on cd 25 started spotting yesterday brown and pink only when i wipe. sore bbs, large bbs, AF cramps for about a week now. I am due for AF this Friday May 11th! What do you guys think?? Preggers??


slowpoke01 - May 8

yes that progesterone level is really good. progesterone level shows that you ovulate. with that level i would say that you probably released more than one egg. it could be pregnancy. alot of women have implantation bleeding about a week before a/f shows so good luck to you. anything over 15 means that you ovulate. docs like to see over 20 on a medicated cycle. good luck



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