Question re: OPKS. I finally got a positive one.
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Megan - February 3

I finally got a positive OPK. Does this mean this is my most fertile day? And does it mean I'm ovulating tomorrow? I know to bd tonight but should I use another OPK tomorrow to see if it's another positive (is that even possible)?


eb - February 4

Usually you will ovulate within 24 to 36 hours of a positive opk. I'd bd tonight do another opk tomorrow to check if it's still positive keep bding for the next several days.Good luck.


DD - February 4

How funny, I just got a + OPK too. I was so excited!!!


Megan - February 4

Oh good, looks like we're going to be O'ing at the same time! We'll have to meet up for the 2ww!!


Ericka - February 4

I got a positive today too. I usually get + for 3 days and bd all those 3 days, but I didn't test yesterday so I don't know if my surge began yesterday or today. If you have extra opk's keep on testing.


DD - February 4

Well, now all the three of us can wait together for the next two weeks. I've never had a 2ww since I think this is my first time ovulating after the pill. I'm so excited, but not getting my hopes up. I took clomid 50mg this cycle, so I'm praying for a bfp in a couple weeks.


DD - February 4

oh yeah, I think the day prior to O and O day are the two most fertile days.



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