Question on when to test?
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kris32101 - April 11

I already have a gorgeous 5 year old. My husband and I have been TTC for 3 years this July. I just finished my first round of Clomid. My doctor told me not to test for 3 weeks after my last pill...but don't you think I should be able to test earlier then that?
I just want your opinions on when you think I could test and get an accurate result? I know some of you have taken Clomid, when did you test? :) Thanks so much for your input! :)


kris32101 - April 12



soimpatient - April 12

Well, I am a testoholic so you might not want to listen to my advice:) I'm not on Clomid but I'm assuming that you can test any time you want. If you get a BFN you can wait a day and test again. I would suggest start taking tests 10DPO. If you're looking for cheap tests try


kris32101 - April 13

Thanks so much for your advice! :) I think I am going to test on Tuesday. That's about 9 days PO and it's my husband's birthday. :)
So I can hope, right?


na25 - April 13

kris32101 I would like just to say Good Luck! and if you get negative first time wait few days and if af doesn't show up retest...GOOD LUCK and all the best!!!


kris32101 - April 19

Well I tested yesterday and it was negative. It's still early, so I'm not giving up. I've waited almost 3 years, I can wait another week or so lol


MuzikGurl - April 19

I tested at the drs. office 11 or 12 dpo and it was a faint pos. I didn't get my first hpt pos. until I was 18 dpo which I am now. they kept coming up neg. except at the drs. office. but this morning it was completely pos. so, go to the dr. and ask for a pg. test.


kris32101 - May 11

Well, AF started, so obviously I wasn't pregnant lol

I am on my 2nd cycle, I've already finished with my clomid and now I am waiting until my uhh...window of opportunity which I believe starts tomorrow.



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