Question on Robitussin to help conceive
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marie - October 16

I would like to know which Robitussin to buy?? There r 2 kinds..One is Dry Cough..forgot what the other one was..I also see one have Guaifenesin 100mh, the other have 200mg..Which one to get? How many days should I take before ovulation? and how many teaspoon per day? Thanks!


tb - October 16

Marie there is a web site with that info on it i went there before....try looking it up....i think it is the regular kind not dm the best i can remember but i do know it's on here ...if i run across it i will let you know...did you know baby asprin helps too...i met a girl the other day and thats what she did and got pg ...i might look that up too....


J - October 16

It is the plain one with just the Guaifensin in it. I think you take it 5 days before ovulation and up to the day of ovulation. I think it's 2 tsp. 3x a day. Not sure on the mg


sc - November 1

why does cough med help ovulation?


.. - November 1

The cough medicine doesn't help helps to thin out cervical mucus and make it easier for sperm to swim through. It doesn't make more cm it only thins out what is already there. J is right on the dosage.



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