Question on Anovulatory cycle
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jodie - September 28

How do u know when u have Anovulatory cycle? Thanks!


Ericka - September 28

If you chart your bbt and your temp. does not rise a significant amount, then that lets you know you have not o'd. I guess you can also use ovulation kits, but if you are testing everyday untill you o, that can get a little expensive. Good Luck


Lena - September 28

Most woman don't know if they've had an anovulatory cycle. The only sure way to know you've ovulated is a progesterone test 8dpo or u/s immediately before and after o.


me - September 28

A good indication is not having a sustained elevated temp until your period comes. The only time you should get an increase in basal temp is after you ovulate and the progesterone releases warmth. I was told this by dr when I should her my charts. Good luck.


Dak - September 28

I realised that I have anovulatory cycles after ttc for 2 years. I went to dr who did blood test and found out that my hormone levels were low. She gave me a drug called Clomid to be taken from days 2-6 of cycle so that I could start to bed on CD12 to CD21. I did as recommended and got preg. Unfortunately lost the preg 3 months ago at 3 months, Good luck with ttc.


Mega - September 28

I begun to suspect I had anovulatory cycles when each cycle my periods begun to get more & more irregular. My doctor then confirmed it by bloodwork and dx me with pcos. There are plenty of exceptions, but a lot of literature says if your cycles are over 35 days long it's likely you have anovulatory cycles. Good luck!



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