question iui wednesday afternoon
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irish10035 - July 18

i am doing my second round of injectibles, I did follistim and took my trigger ovidrel last night. this is my question. last cycle 1 week after iui i was told to take a hcg booster shot novarel and was put on progesterone and estrogen supplements. why would i need a booster shot. i have been reading about how some of you ladies take progesterone immediatly after iui, does it make a difference, is a week after too late? Also im looking for cycle buddies, so join me.


Mega - July 18

Hi Irish! Good luck with your IUI tomorrow. I'm guessing you have pretty low progesterone & that's why your dr is having you do so much progresterone therapy. I've never had to do the HCG booster but it's typically given a week after to help encourage implantation from what I hear, make everything more hospitiable for any fetus looking for a primo spot to implant. Hope this clears it up a little. I'm not a dr though, that's just what I read. Again, good luck with your IUI. Baby dust!



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