Question for you Clomid users......
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JENZEY - March 21

I did one cycle of Clomid, I got my BFN & AF just showed up today. I've had irregular cycles my entire life (ranging from 4-7 months) I've never had my period one month & gotten it the next month. Until now, my last period was 2/20 & I got it today 3/21. My dr. gave me Provera last month to bring on my period & I was wondering if I was going to have do that again this month (apparantly not now) My question is....did Clomid regulate my cycle or is this just a coincidence? Has this ever happen to any of you? I'm going to call my dr. in the morning so he can call in my Clomid. He told me he would up it to 100mg. this cycle. Thanks in advance girls=} Babydust to everyone!


Mega - March 22

My guess is since your AF did come on its own, you did O on Clomid otherwise you'd still be waiting for AF. So while it's too bad you didn't get a BFP this month it does sound like you responded to the med at least. Did you have a progesterone test this cycle though to check for sure whether or not you O'ed? I HTH, Jenzey!


JENZEY - March 22

Thanks mega, I did have the progesterone test. The nurse from my dr.'s office told me I did O & she said 10.5. I don't know anything about the #'s so I don't know what that means? I am starting my 2nd cycle of Clomid this Friday (100 mg.)


Mega - March 22

Prog. levels of 10 or above signal O, anything below that tends to mean that you didn't respond that cycle. Good luck with your 2nd cycle. Baby dust!



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