Question for those who have used Robitussin
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ADR - June 26

I bought Robitussin today and plan to use it this cycle.. They didnt have the kind where the ONLY active ingediant was Guaifenesin. I bought some that had Guaifenesin and Dextromethorphan , which is a cough suppressant. Is that okay? If it has both of those, does anyone think it will still help to thin my CM?? any help would be greatly appreciated..thanks ladies and Baby Dust to all!


kc - June 26

It will thin your cm, however, the dextromethorphan has been linked to birth defects that is why you should try not to use this kind. You can check out web sites type in dextr. and pregnancy and see what the risks are. Good luck and lots of baby dust to you too.


ADR - June 26

KC- thanks for your reply. i dont know how the dextromethorphan could cause defects if you only use it for a few days- only during your O time..maybe it hurts the egg from the get go? hmm, I will try and look it up. Thanks for your help! Baby dust !


Jess - June 26

You should try the generic brand that they sell at Kmart, they have one that just contains Guaifenesin. I plan to use it this month as well. THey say to use it a couple days before and up to O day. Good Luck


maddie - June 26

I found something called Humibid which only has guaifenesin.....bought it at Target



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