Question for those who had the hcg shot.....
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lisa_sc - March 9

Has anyone who has had the hcg shot had any symtoms from it. This is my first month on Femara and had the shot and I'm having some wierd symptoms. My doctor told me that I don't O and this is the first month I have. Symptoms include: tired, bachache, bloated, burping, some light cramps, THIRSTY, a lot of cm, and since yesterday, my legs have been cramping so bad sometimes I don't want to get up. Are these any symptoms fromn the shot or could they be pregnancy signs? I don't want to read too much into this and get my hopes up. What do you girls think?


lea - March 10

side effects that can occur from hcg shot:
Most common-

Bloating (mild); stomach or pelvic pain; Less common or rare:

Abdominal or stomach pain (severe); bloating (moderate to severe); decreased amount of urine; feeling of indigestion; nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea (continuing or severe); pelvic pain (severe); shortness of breath; swelling of feet or lower legs; weight gain (rapid)


lisa_sc - March 10

thanks lea for posting. Have you had the shot before?

Is there anyone else that my have some extra insight?


Mega - March 10

Hi lisa_sc, how far along in this cycle are you? How many days post O (DPO) are you? The Hcg shot should be out of your system totally by 10 days post O, from what I've read. Without knowing what day you're on, it's hard to tell if it's PG related, trigger related or AF signs. Really those are really good PG signs, but it gets tricky b/c most of the signs go either way. Frustrating, isn't it?! But worth it in the end. To answer your question, yes I've used the Ovidrel trigger shot 3 previous times, if I O again on Clomid this will be my 4th Clomid IUI cycle. Good luck.


lea - March 10

Yes Lisa I have the shot every month to release my eggs for the past 4 or 5 months. Mostly I notice skin itch at the site right after I give it and more painful ovulation, including cramping and bloating so that wearing pants is difficult.


lisa_sc - March 10

Hi girls and thank you. Mega, I am 11dpo now. My doctor told me not to test until Monday the 13th. The only symptoms today are: leg cramps, bloating, and a lot of cm. I still stay thirsty and I have no idea why? What do you think? Good luck to both of you girls and I'm throwing babydust to you


bump - March 11



? - March 12



lisa_sc - March 13



Mega - March 13

Well, if you were 11 DPO when you wrote that question, I'd guess at least the HCG shot is out of your system. So did you end up testing today? If so, what was the result? You're symptoms are tricky though b/c they really could go either way (AF or BFP). I wish I could help you more. Keep us posted. Good luck. Thanks for the dust. Throwing dust back at you! :)


lisa_sc - March 14

I am 14dpo today and I got a BFN this morning. I have not started yet but I still have a lot of cm, that's really it. I don't feel pregnant though. I am going to try and wait until Friday to test again. So Mega, where are you in your cycle?


Mega - March 14

Sorry about the BFN. I hope AF stays away for you, as they say it's not over til AF comes. But at 14 dpo it's typically not too early for a BFP, but then we're all different too & all pregnancies are different as well. If only this TTC stuff was simple! Oh well. I just finished my 7th round of Clomid, I have a u/s appt. on Thursday when I'll get a better idea when I'll be ready for my 4th IUI. I just had Ovarian Drilling done on 2/17, this is my 1st cycle after the surgery so I'm eager to see if I respond better now. Good luck Lisa_sc, I'll keep my fingers' crossed for ya.


lisa_sc - March 14

Thanks Mega. Today I've been feeling "wet down there" like I fixing to start AF. That's wierd for me, I might take another test in the morning. Wow, you have really been through a lot. I hope this works for you and let me know how the u/s goes. Good Luck!!!


lea - March 14

Mega what is ovarian drilling? Lisa with the "wet" feel it might be a good sign for you since you dont feel that way normally. I hear lots of cm is a sign but many who are pregnant also say they didnt think they were pregnant. You may have implanted later rather than earlier so you might not get a bfp as early as some others might. Baby dust


lisa_sc - March 14

Thanks lea. Where are you in your cycle?


Mega - March 14

Yeah, that's a very good point, Lea brought up. Hopefully that's the case for you, late implantation, too early for a BFP. Thanks, I'll definitely keep you posted on how my u/s goes Thursday. Keep us posted when you re-test too. Lea, Ovarian Drilling is a surgical procedure some drs do on women with PCOS & polycystic ovaries. It's kind of controversial but there's lots of document success stories too. They "drill" several holes in each ovary using a laser. I had 28 in my right ovary, 29 in my left. It is done during a laporosocopy (sp?) so I was asleep the whole time. Less ouchy than it sounds. Anyway the theory is that the holes in the ovary somehow balance out your hormones since PCOS is just a hormonal imbalance anyway. The window of fertility is increased for 6 mos to a year, sometimes more. It's not a first pass treatment for PCOS, but since I became resistant to Clomid my dr thought it was worth trying on me.


lisa_sc - March 15

I took another test this morning because I could not resist, and got another BFN. Oh well, I guess I'll just wait longer. I wonder if the Femara makes your cycles longer?



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