question for the Ladies that are having trouble ttc #2
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kristie h - July 28

Hi, I have a son that is 18 months old and since his birth i have had two miscarriages. Ever since i have had my 2nd miscarriage in feb this year my af comes on time but its not the same. My Gyno put me on the bcp for 4 months for hormone imbalance as i get this pressure feeling mid cycle every month and i never use to get untill i lost the baby. She said that even though i get the "o" feeling that i may not be actually ovulating. Is there anyone here that has a child already and are having the same problems? do you thing that the bcp will sort my hormones out? I am giving up hope as now i have in my head that i will never beable to give my son a little brother or sister. Plz help.... kristie


kristie h - July 29



wannabeamom - July 29

Hi Kristie. I am ttc #1. I have been using a fertility monitor and I just started doing BBT. I found these 2 things help me find out what is going on. I know I have low progesterone. What kind of tests has your Dr. done. Maybe one of the other ladies on this site can help you further. GL!


kristie h - July 29

Hi Wannabeamom,Thanks for your reply. A few months ago My doc did the all the hormone test on cd #2 and he said everything looks ok, my gyno is going by my symptoms that i have described to her i dont know much about all this stuff, when i had my son all i knew is that you had to BD to fall pregnant now its so complicated.



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