Question for testaholics! The best test.
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Ann - January 11

For those of you who have tested early and been pg, which brand of test showed you were pg first?


me - January 11

I was told by a fellow poster to go and get the CLearblue Easy DIGITAL to avoid any confusion with the lines. I originally took a First Response test and wasn't sure if I had a line or not. Later that afternoon I took the digital and it said pregnant. No doubt about it, I got the positive and there were no lines to misinterpret. They are expensive so I suggest testing on the day AF is supposed to arrive, not sooner. Hope that helps!


Ann - January 11

Thanks, me. I was hoping for something I could use to test as early as possible (and not too expensive), but the digital sounds like the way to go to confirm a cheap test! Also, on what day past O or CD did everyone get their first BFP?


ana - January 11

its very unlikely to get a hpt + before 10 dpo and they suggest you dont test until at least 12 dpo to avoid confusion (and saving as much money as possible) baby dust


me - January 13

I agree, I took 3 tests: 4 day s before AF, 2 days before AF and the day AF was due. I only got a bfp the day AF was due. I recommend testing on the day your AF is due. If you absolutely HAVE to test, like I did, use a Dollar store brand. They are sensitive and are only a dollar, so you can test every day until AF is due. I would wait if you can though because the emotions are too hard to take when you see that bfn. Good luck!


einfanti - January 14

Last time we tried (and failed) I used a cheap (not very sensitive) test. It is what is suggested so as not to get a false positive if you are on fertility drugs, because it can only detect the highest level of hormones, which would have already been depleted if they were injectables. Anyway, you can get a false positive, but not a false negative. I took the test 13 days after insemination and it was negative, so we are trying again. All the sites I visited suggest waiting 12-14 DPO, depending on the drugs you are taking. I'm not sure I will take another test this time, too depressing.


SaraD - January 14

I highly recommend Answer 5 days sooner.I have used it on my last 3 pregnancies and all have showed up before my period was due. I got a pos result at 10dpo and 2 days before my period was due.Good luck!!!


Ann - January 15

Thanks for everyone's advice. I will go get some dollar store tests as well as an Answer. I am dying to test (8dpo today), but I am trying to hold out until at least 11dpo (trying for 12dpo). einfanti, have you ever been pg? I have not--no idea if it is even possible. Last month, I tested at 10dpo, and I still did not get a false positive (also was 10dp hcg shot). I am only on clomid. How long have you been ttc? me, thanks for all the detail. I wonder if your implantation was a little later than average. I know it is supposed to happen 6-12dpo, so maybe yours was closer to 12.?.?



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